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The aging room introduced an aging room for PRI testing.
At a constant temperature of 140 [up to 48 samples can be aged in four separate timed sliding drawersdegrees]C [+ or -]0. 2 [degrees]
According to the company. Tri-
Color LEDs warn operators that the end of each timing test will be dominated by green and orange, and will be dominated by orange and green.
The led is displayed in red at the end of each test.
The temperature controller is pre-set to 140 [degrees]C [+ or -]0. 2 [degrees]
C and constantly indicate the actual chamber temperature.
Plastic retention index (PRI)
It is a measure of the heat-resistant oxidation performance of natural rubber stipulated by international standards.
To accurately determine PRI, plastic tests were performed using the P14 rapid plasma meter shortly after 30 minutes of sample aging.
To calculate the PRI, the average of several tests is divided by the Test average of the unaged sample, and then the result is multiplied by 100. (H. W. Wallace & Co. , Ltd. , 172 St. James\'s Rd.
Croydon CR9 2 hours UK)
Circle 78 high penetration rate on card level display, non
Contact pulse laser distance monitor with or without reflector is considered ideal for measuring powder and bulk material in smaller silos, in very low visibility conditions, garbage bins or cans of opaque liquids and materials in pressure vessels or silos. The LD90-
The range of the 50hip pulse laser distance monitor is 330. (100 m)
It is said to be more economical and less functional than other laser distance monitors in the company\'s product line. (
Riegl laser measuring system, 8516 Garden Road, Old Winter.
Suite 101, Orlando, FL 32835)
Circle 79 on card sensor
270 SonicLaser ultrasonic sensors use echo pulse technology to measure round-trip timeof-
According to the company, in almost any industry, acoustic transmission from the surface of liquid, slurry, particles or free-flowing powder is flying. (
HiTech Technologies, P. O.
Case 535, Newtown, PA 18940-0535)
Card ool thermoregulator includes chillers, cooling systems and temperature control systems.
Their application, design and production resources can be used to solve thermal fluid problems50 [degrees]C to +350 [degrees]
C. Whether a single unit is needed or a complete system.
Support Tricool products with detailed documentation, comprehensive manuals, Assembly drawings, pipeline schematic, etc. (
Barwell, 460 Tacoma Avenue.
Oh 44278-2719)
81-turn model Cam on card contact angle measuring instrument-
The 12 contact angle measuring instrument is designed to measure the contact angle reading on the wafer substrate with a diameter of up to 8. The CAM-
12 equipped with three separate platforms measuring 4 \", 6\" and 8.
This instrument was designed for speed and error
According to the company, free measurements are carried out in R & D laboratories and production lines.
Contact angle data can be used for statistical process control. (
Kernco instruments, 420 Kenazo Avenue.
El Paso, Texas 79927)
The circle 82 viscosity meter dynamic mechanical analyzer on the card mechanical analyzer has three models, including VA2000, VA3000 and VA4000, which can be used to analyze the viscous properties of E *, G * and Tg δ of solid materials.
The Viscoanalyzer series offers a one-month frequency range.
001 Hz to 1,000Hz;
Scope of force]+ or -]100 N, [+ or -]150 N or [+ or -]444 N;
Displacement range [+ or -]6,000 [micro]m;
-Temperature range150 [degrees]C to 450 [degrees]C;
Test modes including stretching/compression, shear, bending, etc.
It is said that each viscosity Analyzer allows accurate representation of the mechanical behavior of the material and its effect on temperature, frequency, strain amplitude, pre-strain, etc. (Metravib R. D. S.
Limonest, France, 200,69760, Omex Chemin des Ormeaux)
83 laps on the card universal testing machine S-
The series desktop universal testing machine is said to be a powerful and compact testing machine that can be used to determine the tensile, compression, shear, bending and other mechanical and physical properties of rubber, plastics, composites, textiles, adhesives and almost all other materials.
Five models of S-
Provide series desktop testing machine.
Machine functions include digital display of force and displacement at any moment throughout the testing process, which is a real
Time automatically adjusts graphical display, storage and retrieval of test parameters, and loop control between zero extension and selected extension, force, or strain values.
Desktop UTM can also provide stress calculations based on width and thickness or width entries.
Access machine functions through UTM\'s built-in featuresControl Unit.
It has a dedicated alphanumeric keyboard for quick access and has a large, simpleto-
Read the backlit LCD display, according to the manufacturer. The S-
The UTM Series can be connected to a laser printer. (
European Tinius testing machine,O.
Box 429 Easton Road
, Willow Grove, PA 19090-0429)
84-turn non-lightweight series on card industrial measurement sensorscontact, laser-
According to the company, industrial measurement-based sensors are designed for many high-performance applications in industries that require fast, reliable and repeatable results.
Ld laser distance sensors are considered ideal for distance measurement, reference thickness, differential thickness and vibration measurement applications, and material deformation, alignment control, and amplitude measurement in many industries.
Other applications for Ld include on-and off-
Professional testing applications such as line quality control, positioning, oscillation measurement, face control, etc.
Based on the principle of laser triangulation using PSD position sensitive detectors as image detectors, ld is said to be able to measure rates up to 100 kHz. (
LMIs Selcom, Melrose Ave 21666.
Southfield, MI 48075)
85 turns on the card lab thermometer
It is said that a temperature thermometer with a BET-type sensor system provides accuracy, speed and accuracy for instant temperature checks for industrial or laboratory applications.
The temperature range of the DynaTemp thermometer is from-280 [degrees]to +2,000 [degrees]F. A self-
The test diagnostic circuit verifies the accuracy of the dynamic programTemp pyrometer.
The BET interchange sensor is considered an ideal choice for harsh industrial environments.
If the sensor breaks, it is only necessary to replace the switchable thermocouple tip.
The handle is made of stainless steel and has a locking system to keep the replaceable thermocouple tip.
For different test applications, there are many surface and needle types for the BET type sensor. (
Laboratory of Electronic Development, Dr. Auckland 244
, Danville, VA 24540)
Card II dew point humidity meter is a panel mounted instrument for use from-148 to +68 [degrees]
F, typical accuracy [+ or -]1. 8 [degrees]F.
The metal ceramic II consists of a digital display with an integrated signal conditioning board, interconnect cable and a metal ceramic II moisture sensor. (
Kahn instruments, 885 Wells Road.
, Wethersfield, ct06)
87 laps on portable tachometer
Battery function-
Portable instruments for Operation include tachometer, accumulator/counter and timer (stopwatch).
It is said that these instruments are highly accurate and sturdy units designed for field and laboratory applications. The Cat. No.
21F21 has the widest range, 5 to 500,000 rpm and the highest accuracy (0. 0001 pm)
According to the company, there are any speed meters on the market.
Measuring up to 3 feet and 45 [degrees]
Target from reflection.
When locked on the target, the on target indicator flashes at the input signal frequency.
The accumulator/counter is triggered remotely by an internal optical or remote optical sensor. (
Kernco instruments, 420 Kenazo Avenue.
El Paso, Texas 79927)
The 5150 holix type gauge is said to have been designed for high precision diameter measurement up to 6 (150 mm).
The 5150 model adopts patented Holoptics technology, which can provide 1,167 measurements per second per axis without calibration.
In addition to its extraordinary accuracy and repeatability, the 5150 offers a 60 MHz DSP processor along with the built-in
According to the manufacturer, in terms of flaw detection capability.
Model 5150 available in both casesaxis and dual-
Axis configuration.
Each meter is also equipped with a built-in-in air purges.
Company supply
Contact diameter measuring instrument for rubber/pipe, plastic and wire and cable industry. (
TSI, process Documents, P. O. Box 64394, St. Paul MN55164)
It is said that the dmta v dynamic mechanical thermal analyzer provides improved functionality that allows analysts to match the final conditions of use that the sample will encounter more closely.
Dmta v test solid and semi-solid
Solid material, determining the properties associated with use and wear;
Modulus, temperature-related behavior and frequency-related behavior (
This is related to vibration and damping properties).
DMTA can collect information that is critical to the processing of materials, such as the curing cycle and efficiency of heat sleeves and elastomer, quality control of plastic and molded parts, coating, film and fiber testing.
Higher deformation forces for greater dynamic strain help customers in the elastic industry to test outside of linear regions.
More easy to of immersed abilitysitu testing. (
Traffic measurement science on a Possumtown Road.
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854)
The GCMS of circle 90 on the card TGA interface introduces the TGA interface
5000 series and TGA-
50 sets of thermal weight analyzer.
When coupled with GC/MS, TGA is said to enhance both technologies by providing molecular weight decomposition of the product and structural resolution.
In addition, it is said that this tool can provide chromatography and spectral data for weight loss products. TGA-
It is said that 50 thermal weight analyzers can achieve one high-precision instrument [micro]
According to the company, g has excellent baseline stability.
It is said that low quality thermal balance can minimize dead volume in order to transfer to GC/MS efficiently. (
7102 Dr. Riverwood Shimizu Scientific instruments
, Columbia, MD 21046-2502)
91 laps on the card lab plant it is said that PreMax\'s lab model eliminates the need for a media factory in some cases, according to the company, in all cases, all can reduce the number of passes required to obtain high-quality dispersion.
When the Media Factory is used to complete the product in one pass, it is said that PreMax usually completely eliminates the demand for the factory.
PreMax is available in a variety of sizes, 200 hp.
In an example, a Ti [O. sub. 2]
, UV curing coating needs to be grinded on the medium for 4 hours before using PreMax as pre-coatingmilling device.
Shorten the cycle to 30 minutes using PreMax.
In another example, 12 hours of carbon black electronic coating is required in the Media Factory.
The cycle is shortened to 35 minutes. (
Charles Ross and son, 710 old Willet Road, P. O.
Box 12308, Hauppauge, NY 11788-0615)
The ring 92 model LS150 laser speedometer on the card speed/length meter is specially designed for non-
Measure contact speed and length in a range of industries.
It is said that the type LS150 provides non-
Highly accurate measurement of length and speed, usually less [+ or -]0.
05%, according to the company.
Ideal low cost alternative to contact
The LS 150 tachometer and encoder will not mark or scratch the surface of the product, according to the company.
It is also said to be easily used as a tool for length and speed calibration.
The meter is said to be ideal for a wide range of applications, including measuring the length and speed of wire and cable, plastic film, plastic and medical tubing, and various web products. (
TSI, PO process instrument division. Box 64394, St. Paul MN 55164)
On the pendulum impact testing machine, the API is a complete meter unit for all range of Izod and Charpy tests for plastic and composite materials.
The company offers a range of polymer evaluation instruments designed to test thermal deflection, anti-collision, melt index, thermal oxidation, flammable and other physical properties of various materials. (
Atlas electrical equipment, 4114 N. Ravenswood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60613)
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