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by:UMeasure     2020-04-03
Before you install the cabinets in the new kitchen, in order for the work to start at the right foot, you need to take some steps.The first thing you have to do is get familiar with the new design of your kitchen and then you will want to find the high point of the floor.You will want to take the time to do this well.
By starting this step correctly, you will make things easier.\\ R so this step is critical to the success of the installation of the new kitchen cabinet.The high point of the floor is the point of reference you will use throughout the installation process.
\\ R so, the first thing you want to do is measure up from layer 30 inch and put a mark on the wall.Where the cabinet will be installed, measure 30 inch from the floor and place a mark there, then draw a horizontal line around the kitchen.\\ R measure every 2 feet or so from the floor around the kitchen and note the measurement results for each place.
Write down every measurement on the wall, and once you \'ve determined which one is the smallest, you find the high point of the floor.\\ R measure 4 inch and a half up from this high point and put a new mark on the kitchen wall.To build the top of the basic Cabinet, draw a new horizontal line at the new mark of 4 inch and a half.
The top of the base cabinet has now been established and will represent the reference point for the rest of the kitchen installation.\\ R one thing I want to highlight here is to take the time to level the lines around the walls.It\'s like the foundation of the house.It must be the perfect level.What you might want to do is visit your local rental store and rent a laser rating for this step.
This will provide you with the most accurate horizontal line, you can rest assured that the start of the kitchen installation will be accurate
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