india successfully tests barak 8 missile developed with israel

by:UMeasure     2020-03-30
Test success in India
Launched a new long-range ground Ballack on Wednesday. to-
Jointly developed with Israel, an Air missile capable of fighting air threats within a wide range.
The Israeli space industry successfully tested the Ballack 8 missile last month, saying that the two tests conducted by the Indian Navy on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning completed a series of three consecutive Tests, \"The impressive operational capability of the system has been strengthened,\" Yossi vis, director of the ASEAN integration initiative.
The Israeli Navy tested the Ballack 8 system last month, and officials said the successful test indicated that Ballack 8 was ready for delivery to buyers, including the Indian Air Force.
Testing in India has greatly driven the development of the Balak 8 Land version, which is very similar to the Iron Dome and will also be mobile and will be radar and transmitter deployed on trucks or naval ships.
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