How to Use a Strait-Line X3 Laser Level

by:UMeasure     2020-04-02
Using X3 laser level is a great way to make sure that all internal lines are straight when installing cabinets, shelves or simply hanging pictures.Use of channel X3 laser level-Line takes only a few simple steps to set up as it sticks to the wall using 3 m tape so you can avoid fiddling with tools and when marking holes or mounting positions along a straight Line, pencil and traditional level.When you use it indoors, you will see the best effect of most laser levels, where color laser beams are clearly visible.
Because the laser level works by sending out a highly concentrated beam, the outdoor project in the sun may make it difficult for the beam to see and reduce the overall accuracy.Clean the wall surface where you will attach the X3 laser level.Remove the red tape liner from the tape.Arrange the tape with the marked area on X3 and paste it on the unit.
Remove the black side of the tape.
Press the X3 on a clean wall and hold it for 30 seconds until the X3 is firmly attached to the wall.Turn on the X3.Select the horizontal or vertical laser direction by rotating along the X3 axis.Use the on-Plate-level bubbles ensure the complete level of the laser beam.
Further adjusting the laser direction by using micro devicesAdjust the knob on top of x3.Before proceeding, mark all the appropriate positions with a pencil along the straight laser beam.After releasing the adjustment knob, mark the space on the adjacent wall with a pencil, and divide the laser on the adjacent wall horizontally through the bubble level.
By pressing the laser side of the laser arm, adjust the beam length for the smaller working area.Adjust the beam to accommodate longer working areas by pressing the bubble side of the laser arm.Firmly grab the X3 in your hand and slowly stay away from the wall surface when done using a laser level.
Remove the tape from X3 before storage and clean any residue
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