How to Use a Quilt As a Headboard

by:UMeasure     2020-04-05
Quilts can be modern art, precious biography heir or attractive covers purchased at discount stores ---They can-The bedside table that makes the bedroom feel more warm and fuss.Not only is it fashionable to use a quilt as a headboard, but it also takes out a beautiful thing from the linen closet and displays it in a place where you can enjoy it.Quilts that do not have the quality of passing heir can be rolled as curtains before display, but hand quilts should be equipped with hanging sleeves.Find the best place to hang the quilt in the room.Quilts cannot be exposed to direct sunlight or placed near air conditioning or heating pipes.Place the quilt against the wall to determine if the paint color complements it.You may want to repaint the walls with a transition color, which is mixed with the rest of the room and becomes an attractive background for the quilt.Push the bed away from the wall and lift the quilt up.Determine where it should be displayed on the wall.You need an assistant to hold the quilt or guide the position of the quilt.The bottom of the quilt should not be dragged on the ground, and the vertical center of the quilt should be aligned with the vertical center of the bed.Put pencil marks on the walls of the quilt Center and the two Velcro.Make sure the three marks are aligned using a laser level.Adjust if needed.Screw the curtain rod bracket into two marks outside the wall.Pass the curtain rod through the pocket hem or sleeves of the quilt.Fix the rod on the bracket.Feel for any sharp edges on the bed frame that may rub the quilt.Before pushing the bed back into place, use masking tape and bubble wrap to weaken any rough spots.
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