How to Soundproof a Room With Ceiling Tiles

by:UMeasure     2020-04-05
Sound-proof tiles provide a sound-proof method for the roof without the need to install a drywall.The soundproof ceiling can be connected directly to the existing ceiling.Installing the suspended metal ceiling grid is an easier option.This hides any pipes and wires on the ceiling and you can easily reach them if necessary.The soundproof ceiling tiles have a wide range of styles, colors and textures.Some surfaces are smooth, while others have a texture similar to corduroy.Since these tiles just stay in the suspended ceiling grid, it is easy to replace at that time.While you may want to draw these tiles, it is not a good idea because the paint will reduce their acoustic capabilities.Buy soundproofing tiles with noiseA reduction factor rating of at least 80%.That means they absorb up to 80% of the sound.Another industry measure is the ceiling attenuation level.This shows how small the tiles sound through them.Better-The quality tiles should be within the range of 40 to 44.Look for these numbers in the literature attached to the tile box or tile.When you are ready to install ceiling tiles, you need to plan the layout of the suspension grid.Measure the length of the room.Divided by the length of the ceiling tile.If you have a remainder, divide it by two.Now, using the width of the tile as the divisor, repeat the process for the width of the room.To help you visualize this information, create a scale map of the room using these measurements.Smaller numbers represent border blocks.By placing smaller tiles around the roomAdjust the size of the tile in the center to create a balanced look for the ceiling.Ceiling mesh by metal L-Fixed around the shape of the wall.Running perpendicular to the ceiling beam is a set of parallel pieces called the main runner.Each part that connects the main runner and forms the grid is a cross tee.The main runners and cross tees are hung from the fixed wires of the ceiling beam.When you capture the individual parts of the grid together, you must take precautions to maintain the level of the entire grid.You must also follow the drawing you created to set the external boundaries of the grid.Careful measurements and tools like laser levels can help you do this.The last step is to install the tiles yourself.Start with the four openings in the center of the grid, tilt the tiles into the opening above the grid, and fix the tiles in place.Once the four tiles are in place, shake the mesh a little.This helps reduce the size and make the rest of the installation full-sized tiles.To cut smaller tiles for border areas, simply rate the tiles with a tool knife.
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