How to Install a Beadboard Ceiling Over Popcorn

by:UMeasure     2020-04-05
Nothing is faster than the popcorn ceiling.This textured ceiling is usually one of the most visible and complete surfaces in the room, making them more noticeable than the rest of the room.Covering the popcorn ceiling with a classic beadboard paneling, you can instantly change the look of the entire room from outdated to timeless.The sides of each beadboard panel you will install are gold.Starting both sides helps to prevent moisture from penetrating into the board in the case of leakage.Paint or finish the side of the board that will be visible.Allow to dry.Run a stud finder on the ceiling to locate the pallet.The Beadboard needs to be installed vertically on the pallet.After finding the torrents, mark their position using the chalk line tool.Put the first board on the ceiling and lean against the wall.Use a laser level to check if the board is parallel to the walls of the entire room.If not, please adjust the board a little until it-Any gap will be hidden where the beadboard meets the molding wall.By passing the nail through the tongue part of the board at a certain angle, the beadboard is nailed to the beam;The tongue should be oriented away from the wall.Beams are usually placed every 16 inch (some 24 inch apart), so the nails must be 16 inch apart.Nail the wall-By passing extra nails through the surface of the plate, raise the side edge of the plate to the ceiling.Only boards that need to be installed at the beginning and end of each line need to be nailed like this;Other boards are nailed with tongue.Set it in place by overlapping the groove edges of the next plate to the tongue of the mounting panel.Nail the board in place.Cut the board with a jigsaw puzzle to fit any fixture or other obstacle.Fix the beadboard to the ceiling and mark the location of the area to be cut.Take the board down, do the cutting, and install it.Cut the last beadboard with a jigsaw puzzle to fit the other end of the ceiling.Attach shoes, ogee, or other decorative shapes around the ceiling to hide the edges of the beadboard.
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