How to improve the performance of Telescope Laser? The following will explain for you

by:UMeasure     2020-04-19
In those bright night, the beginning of the world's largest optical telescope at night to observe the gold throwing laser beam straight into the sky. Claire Max does not like being proud of this astronomical spectacle of light, although the popularity and application of lasers is partly due to its continuous improvement and promotion in the past 30 years. If you don't realize this work, The Astronomical Association recently awarded the largest prize for astronomical instruments in 2015. In California, an astronomer at this university, self-assessment is inefficient. Max is always very professional and even speaks very carefully. Enthusiasm was left to the research of laser technology. It is difficult to advance in chaos to explain that laser is a key part of Telescope adaptive optical system. Without adaptive optics systems, stars and galaxies, we see that high-power microscopes will be hit, distorted and blurred. On the contrary, with this system, watching stars and galaxies will remain stable and clear, making the accuracy of the ground-based telescope comparable to that of the average person and even superior to the Hubble ship of the Space Telescope. This ability allows the current telescope to carry out on various objects. High-resolution research, from the moon outside the solar system to the stars in the center of the Milky Way. Today, it helps to build telescopes with a diameter of 20 to 40 meters and a concentration of up to 16 times the power of any current telescope. Since the laser demonstration auxiliary prototype from the first adaptive optics system was then established, the technology was applied to the global telescope center in this development process: first participation. However, Max's greatest victory also became his greatest challenge. In last October, other astronomers are expected to retire, Max, 68. he agreed to California for the University Observatory (UCO)The interim director. In this position, Max is traveling in astronomy, whether temporary or not. There is confusion in the field of professional and cultural concepts, which is made up of a new generation'Cost'Caused by the huge cost. Big! & At present, there are three types of telescopes in different stages of planning and construction, each cost about 1 billion dollars. Max said that these costs are a major issue for telescope owners and sponsors, including last year's key 30-meter telescope built in Mauna Kyana, Hawaii--UCO's top partners. How do all these relatively old and small telescopes close? Owners should succumb to economic pressure to put these telescopes, although they are still indispensable for researcher equipment and young astronomer training camps, or should they try to find creative ways to make the team work? Intuition is to strive for: to use his unique enthusiasm and determination. At present, Max is winning. University of California Los Angeles astronomer Andre GHEZ said that after 30 years of search persuasion and consensus-building adaptive optics, the greatest: instinct connection engineers, scholars, Capital leaders, university administrators and anyone else who has a say in deciding telescopes.
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