How to Figure What Size of Air Conditioning Unit Is Needed for a Sunroom

by:UMeasure     2020-06-16
The solarium, while bringing a lot of sunshine to your house, will also affect the comfort of your living space.Exposure to excessive heat can reduce the efficiency of home air conditioning systems.The installation of room air conditioning equipment in the solarium can supplement the work of the whole house system and provide more comfortable space.The appropriate size is the key to purchasing the best unit that meets your needs.Measure the length and width of the daylight room using a tape measure.For larger rooms, the laser measuring tool provides accurate measurements without the help of a second person.Multiply by length and width to determine the square feet of the sunroom.Room 25-for example-Foot length 10-250 square feet of space.Multiply the square feet of the room by 20 to create the correct BTU rating for your solarium.The average living space per square foot requires a 20 BTU air conditioning unit to cool effectively.Using the previous example, a 250-square-The Foot room needs a unit that can be 5,000 BTU.
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