How to do the daily maintenance of laser rangefinder?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-20
As a new generation of precision measuring instruments- Laser rangefinder, industry, transportation and daily life are inseparable. So how do we keep the laser rangefinder in our daily production and life? We must first understand the composition of the laser in the laser, the laser, the laser, the instrument module, the shell, the lens composition. The laser and transmission modules need to be cleaned and maintained by professionals during enclosure maintenance. The lens is part of the laser rangefinder and needs to be cleaned every day, because the laser emits a measuring laser beam from the housing through the lens to measure the laser beam. Therefore, if the lens becomes dirty, it will affect the normal use of the laser range finder. If it is an industrial site with harsh environment, the operator is required to check the tightness of the enclosure every day. For the laser universal transmission module in the housing, it is necessary to regularly find a professional to open the housing maintenance inspection.
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