how to build a deck step by step the easy way

by:UMeasure     2020-04-04
Once you have a reliable set of instructions and a reasonable decoration plan, building a deck is not a difficult process, even for an inexperienced carpenter.
The technique I explained in this article is a professional method of deck installation that can be used for deck heights between 350mm and 1.
8 metres above ground.
Insert wood columns.
Draw your deck plan on paper first. (
There are a lot of resources online to offer deck plans if you stick to your ideas)
In order to be able to draw your deck design correctly, you need to determine the exact location of your post, pur bar structure, and support beam. 2.
Arrange the perimeter of the deck with ropes or lines.
If you are building a square deck, be sure to check the diagonal size. 3.
Mark the position of the post using ink marks or chalk.
Your post should be about 1. 5 -1. 8m apart. 4.
Now dig about 400mm deep holes for your post.
Insert your pillars into the holes, align them and support them, and make sure that the supports hold them in place when the concrete is set.
The pillars will be cut off later, so it doesn\'t matter how high they stretch out from the ground. 5.
Make sure your position drops (
Horizontal in a vertical plane. )6.
Pour some ready-made concrete into the hole and fill it to the top. 7.
Allow the concrete to set for 48 hours, then pull the wood support down and clean out any concrete.
The Pur bar is a horizontal beam extending along the length of the deck for supporting the deck.
Pur bars are supported by pillars along their length.
The Pur bar structure will operate in the same direction as the finished deck, which is usually parallel to the house/patio door.
Decide what level you want your finished decor to reach and then calculate the height of your post from here
Calculate backwards. Use a self-
Level the laser level on the tripod to set the level on the large armor plate.
Make sure any laser
The level you are using has been calibrated in the last 6 months.
Fix 6 \"x2\" boards on either side of the post and stagger the support beam so you don\'t have two joints on the same post. (
Wood locks can be used instead of bolts as they are equally sturdy and are used much faster. Pre-
Drill 6 \"x 2\" wood first and insert at least two bolts or wood locks.
As an additional reinforcement, insert a 4 \"x 2\" short foot between the 6 \"x 2\" and the concrete base and attach it to the post with a screw or wooden lock.
This will ensure that your base will last more than 20 years.
This will transfer the load to the ground. Water Run-
Create a flow-
You have to create a slight slope on your deck.
Our goal is to have a slope of about 1 at 100.
To achieve this, we will set our level using the builder line. 50mm in 4.
8m will create a 1 in the 100 slope.
Short feet can be used to reinforce pur bars.
Once the pur strip is positioned and locked by a bolt/Forest, the pur strip structure is completed.
The beam stage of the beam is now forward (
Ensure that the beam 4 \"x 2 \"(or 5 6\" x 2\")
Is formal (
The beam is actually the same size)-
This is very important, otherwise the deck may not be flat. )
At 90 ° of the pur bar structure, place the support beam at the top of the pur bar.
The spacing of the beam must be 250mm (10\")apart.
The support beam can be fixed on the pur strip structure using 80mm stainless steel screws or 3 \"galvinised nails.
This will ensure the strength and durability of your deck after 20 years of use.
What is left to do now is to insert bridging pieces between the beams to strengthen the beam structure. Use 10\" (250mm)
Fragments of doing so.
Bridging piece 250mm (10\")
The support beam should be inserted between them to ensure that the support beam structure is firm and firm.
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