How to Bind and Trim the E-flite Blade mSR X Helicopter to the Spektrum DX6i Transmitter

by:UMeasure     2020-04-13
The blade mSR X and its predecessor blade mSR are very fast small indoor miniature helicopters.They are an explosion that can fly, but they may be a minority for the stock controller.I don\'t recommend flying for the first time, but it\'s really a very challenging second heli.
Even with a double rate set for the stock controller, this bird is a handful.The double rate model is easier to handle, but it\'s far from the entrance --level-

The msr x does have an advantage over the mSR as it contains the new AS3X digital pole-less system.Essentially, this is the gyro on the board, which helps the helicopter to keep the line moving with much less input from the user.
Even with this technology, many users want to customize the additional benefits of flight sensitivity using excellent controllers like Spektrum DX6i.The following will be a step-by-step guide to binding the helicopter to the controller, as well as some tips to add some custom settings to make the flight more enjoyable.

: You want to build a dedicated model in DX6i dedicated to this RC helicopter.Create a new model as Heli and name it.To do this, please select adjust list \"-Select the model and scroll to the right until the blank model slot is found.Select that.
To name it, go to adjust list \"-SETUP LIST -
You can say up to eight letters and numbers.


: After turning off the transmitter, insert the battery into the mSR X.The lights on the helicopter will flash at extremely fast speed, which means it has entered \"binding mode \".

Power on the transmitter.
Release the coach switch and the lights on the helicopter will turn on.Congrats that the helicopter has set off now!

You can\'t adjust the gyro on this helicopter, but you can still adjust the double rate (DR) and the index (Expo ).
Changing the DR allows you to change the total distance of the servo movement.For example, a DR setting may be at 100%, allowing the servo mechanism to move the throwing of the entire design.The second setting can be programmed to be 65%, which means that the servo system can only travel 65% of the total distance.The lower DR will make the model fly slower and turn slower.This is a good thing for new pilots who learn ropes!
On the other hand, the Expo softened the movement of the helicopter while moving the stick on the transmitter.The slight movement of the small stick can cause a very sensitive, high-performance helicopter to move violently.Adding to the Expo makes the area around the \"center stick\" less sensitive.
Both settings can be programmed into the controller, and should change with the improvement of flyer skills.Advanced pilots may want very responsive control response during high speed maneuvers.

Assign the mixture to the switch on DX6i.
Select by selecting the model-assign all three D/Rs to one switch on DX6iR & D and combination and replace INH with aileron, elevator, gear or rudder switch.

These adjustments are a good starting point, but I promise you will make changes as your skills improve.
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