How is the pulse laser rangefinder measured?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-19
Laser Ranging is a continuous development and widely used technology, involving many disciplines, such as optical technology, photoelectric technology, electronic technology, computer technology, etc. The work completed in this article is only part of it. With the development of science and technology, the research in the field of laser ranging will continue to expand and deepen, such as: l the development of remote high-precision laser rangefinder l the development, special application of laser ranging range scanning l laser scanning imager, ranging l laser speed l development in the field of civil laser rangefinder, development of new laser rangefinder, the pulse phase ranging method is to superimpose multiple higher harmonics to form a square wave model and modulate the signal into pulses. In the process of laser pulse transmission, the laser emission can be reduced, which is the same as pulse ranging. You can use the diffuse reflection of the target to perform the measurement. Therefore, the peak power of the laser can reach a high range and the measurement range is long. After receiving the echo signal, the detector demodulates it to recover the higher harmonic component in the pulse sequence, and then compares the higher harmonic component at the receiving end with the harmonic component at the corresponding frequency at the transmitting end for phase comparison. The laser phase ranging method is the same, and different harmonic frequencies correspond to different measurement accuracy. Compared with the traditional phase method, this method does not need multi-scale and multi-measurement due to the large number of harmonic components of square wave signals. [H]
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