How far the satellite laser rangefinder can measure the distance

by:UMeasure     2020-04-20
Artificial Satellite laser technology is a technology that uses laser as light source and uses laser pulse propagation time to directly measure the distance of artificial Earth satellite. The principle of satellite power is a satellite laser ranging system installed on a ground tracking station. According to the direction of the satellite and the time when the satellite has a special backward reflector on the surface to be observed, the real-time tracking of the satellite is carried out by an equipped computer and corresponding software. Then, the laser generates a short pulse light once or several times per second according to a predetermined command, and a small part of the energy is generated through the main wave sampling circuit through the photoelectric conversion to form two electric pulses. The measuring distance of industrial and civil laser rangefinders is different. Civil, can be divided into indoor and outdoor. Indoor is a hand-held laser rangefinder, mostly high precision mm. Grade, can measure about 0. 05-200 m; For outdoor use, it is a laser ranging telescope, generally the best range of up to 3000. Industrial use, that is, laser ranging sensor, is continuous on-line measurement, can also measure up to 4000, but need special help! Of course, military use, power, can measure tens of kilometers, the general civil distance detector is basically between 500 and 2000, and it is mostly used. Models and brands are also the majority.
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