green light for new prostate procedure; health: as city superhospital is set to take delivery of laser, terry tells how he has already benefited.

by:UMeasure     2020-04-09
Signature: Kara Simpson said that a man in Coventry has become one of the first people in West Midlands to undergo revolutionary surgery for prostate enlargement.
Other patients should soon be able to benefit from the new superhospitals in the city.
Terry Jones, 58, is the general manager of Brympton Road, Stoke City, and is one of 28 patients treated with a green laser at the Birmingham prostate clinic in Solihull Bupa Parkway hospital, the hospital introduced the procedure six months ago.
He said, \"it\'s great.
I was in surgery at eight o\'clock A. M. and left the hospital at eight o\'clock P. M.
\"This is not at all.
I left no scars, no stitches, and no worries about infection.
\"Now, Mr. Jones wants to encourage other men to check themselves on a regular basis and talk about this without embarrassment.
\"The first thing that hit you was, \'probably cancer, \'he admitted \'.
\"When I found out it was benign, it was obviously a relief, but the symptoms had a terrible effect on me and my family.
\"I get up three or four times a night and I don\'t get enough sleep. It\'s really painful.
Alan Doherty, a urologist who created the birmingham prostate clinic, said: \"Green Laser therapy is a major step forward in changing the treatment of this very common prostate disease.
\"This is a better choice for patients.
No need for a catheter, the patient can go home with little or no discomfort.
Dr. Ken Desai, consultant physician of urology at the University Hospital of Walsgrave, Coventry, said: \"This is a very effective treatment for benign prostate enlargement.
This treatment has been approved by the hospital trust committee and we will get the laser soon.
\"How to treat can alleviate unpleasant situations, and the enlarged prostate is a condition that affects one of the three men over the age of 50. The enlarged prostate is caused by excessive growth of prostate cells, and the normal prostate expands to the size of the walnut.
Common symptoms include frequent urination and frequent urination.
If not treated in a timely manner, this condition may lead to infection and, in rare cases, damage to the kidneys.
The 80,000-pound laser provides a high
A dynamic, safe and precise method of destroying excess tissue by vaporizing selected areas without arming others and minimizing blood loss.
Surgery takes only 60 to 90 minutes, while open surgery takes about three days in hospital.
It also sees the end of undesirable side effects of surgery such as sexual dysfunction, discomfort, and bleeding. CAPTION(S)
: Happy person JB120107TERR_1. . .
Terry Jones praised the \"super\" treatment.
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