going beyond 1000000 resolved points in a brillouin distributed fiber sensor: theoretical analysis and experimental demonstration

by:UMeasure     2020-03-30
Distributed fiber sensing has a unique ability to measure the environmental volume along a distribution profile of dozens of kilometers at a spatial resolution of meters or even centimeters.
This feature enables distributed sensors to provide a large number of Resolution points using a single fiber.
However, in the current system, this number is still limited to hundreds due to limited signalto-noise ratio (SNR)
This brings great challenges to the development of better performance sensors.
Here, we propose and experiment to prove a distributed optical fiber sensor that can solve the final optimization of 2100000 independent points, which corresponds toorder-of-
Compared with the country, the magnitude has increasedof-the-art.
Distributed Fiber optic sensor based on phase
Modulation related
Domain analysis combining pump and time gate-
Domain acquisition, space resolution 8.
The distance of 17 shows 3mm. 5u2009km.
Sensor design addresses the most relevant factors affecting signal-to-noise ratio and media performanceto-
Remote sensors and sub-sensors
Space resolution scheme.
Since two theoretical models are proposed and verified by experiments in this study, this step record of resolving points can be achieved: a model describes the spatial resolution of the system and its relationship with sampling intervals, another model describes the amplitude response of the sensor, providing an accurate estimate of the measured signal-to-noise ratio.
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