Ford says it will have a fully autonomous car by 2021

by:UMeasure     2020-04-01
DETROIT (AP) —Ford Motor Co.To have a fully driverless car.No steering wheel, no pedalsOn the road within five years.The car will initially be used for commercial driving.Call or rideSharing services;Will be sold to consumers later.\"This is a moment of transformation in our industry and a moment of transformation in our company,\" CEO Mark Fields said .\" He announced the plan at Palo Alto Ford Silicon Valley campus, California.Ford\'s approach to self-driving cars has broken the practice of many other companies, such as Mercedes-Mercedes-Benz and Tesla plans to gradually increaseDriving ability of traditional cars.Just last month, BMW, Intel.Car camera maker Mobileye has announced a plan to take a self-driving car with a steering wheel on the road by 2021.Ford employees listened to CEO Mark Field, who visited Ford\'s Silicon Valley research center and announced plans to study 2021 self-driving cars in Palo Alto, California, on Tuesday, August 16, 2016.Behind them is a building, one of the new additions to the facility.The front is the top of Ford, and Stanford is also studying driverless cars.Employees at lesford, who listened to CEO Mark Field, visited Ford\'s Silicon Valley research center and announced plans for 2021 self-driving cars on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 in Palo Alto, California.Behind them is a building, one of the new additions to the facility.The front is the top of Ford, and Stanford is also studying driverless cars.Instead, Ford is taking the same approach as Alphabet Inc.Google, which supports moving directly to itselfDrive once the technology is perfect.We gave up.The driver\'s Stone method\"Assisting technology and deciding that we will make a full leap,\" said Raj Nair, Ford\'s chief technology officer .\".Nair said Ford will continue to develop systems for auxiliary drivers such as automatic emergency braking or lane departure warnings.But he said half.In Ford\'s view, autonomous systems that can operate cars but give control to drivers when they encounter obstacles are actually dangerous.Engineers don\'t know how to make sure the driver is kept busy and ready to take over.So Ford decided to take all the drivers away.\"We understand that to achieve full autonomy, we have to take a completely different path,\" Nair said .\".Jeremy Carlson, a senior analyst at IHS Automotive, said he was not aware of another automaker using the Ford approach.But he says there are challenges in any case.For example, it may be difficult for passengers to trust fully autonomous cars, but semi-autonomous carsSelf-driving a car can be dangerous because the driver may not understand what the car can and cannot do.\"I don\'t think there will be any correct answer,\" he said .\".Ford Motor will be designed specifically for commercial mobile services such as taxi companies and will be available in large quantities.Ford says individuals have themselves.Will drive in the future.Ford didn\'t say if it would play a role in riding.Share a partner or try to build a service yourself.Rival General MotorsHave a partnership with riding-Lyft, a hailing company, also acquired oneDriving software company called Cruise Automation.Dearborn, MichiganFord also said it plans to double the number of employees at the Palo Alto Research Center by the end of next year to nearly 300.To expand the campus, it will buy two more buildings next to the current building, Field said.Ford will also invest and cooperate many times to speed up the development of autonomous vehicles.Ford and Baidu, the Chinese search engine, will invest $75 million in Velodyne, respectively.driving cars.Velodyne, based in Morgan Hill, Calif., said it will use $0.15 billion in investment to expand design and production and reduce the cost of sensors.Laser sensors —Called LIDAR, it represents light, detection, and ranging.It can also be used as part of the driver assistance system for traditional vehicles.Ford said it had acquired Israel.Headquartered in computer vision and machine learning company SAIPS, known for its expertise in artificial intelligence and computer vision.It also invests in Berkeley, California.Its three civilian maps.Dimension mapping capability.Ford also established a partnership with New York.Headquartered in machine vision company Nirenberg LLC, the company has developed equipment for restoring vision for patients with degraded eye diseases.Ford\'s shares fell nine cents to $12.34.And it\'s flat after that.hours trading.
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