feeling tense? israeli app helps lower stress levels

by:UMeasure     2020-04-07
The security situation in Israel has put pressure on us?
Take a deep breath: A new app developed by Israel --based Eco-
Fusion company will measure your stress levels and provide you with personalized breathing exercises that help relieve stress.
Both Android and iOS users can use the app.
How does it work?
The app Serenita uses a smartphone camera as a biomedical sensor to measure the user\'s pressure level (PPG -
The sensor detects biological feedback in the form of pulse and blood flow velocity and processes the information to assess the user\'s stress level and ability to focus.
This is how it works, and after diagnosing the pressure level, the app guides the user through a technique to reduce the pressure level of the breathing movement.
The sport takes five minutes a day and is tailored for each user.
Research conducted in the United States shows that one out of every three Americans suffers from chronic stress, which is responsible for 65% of Americans.
\"Stress is everywhere. We provide a convenient tool to deal with stress . \"
Olun Fuerst, ecology
Founder and Chairman of Fusion
\"The company was born to create \'digital medicine \'.
In other words, apps that change people\'s livesto-day routines.
\"When we examine applications in different health areas, we see that stress problems are barely treated, although it directly and indirectly affects the body, especially with diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
\"The app can be easily downloaded in two different versions: the free version and the more precise and personalized advanced version.
To use the app, connect the tip of your finger to the smartphone camera for a minute.
The device measures pressure levels and focus based on complex algorithms and provides users with personalized action plans.
Instructions appear on the screen and speak out loudly.
\"Over time, it has been found that relaxing elements such as yoga and meditation can effectively reduce stress, but they are difficult to fit into a busy schedule,\" Dr.
Fuerst clarified.
\"Our tests among users of the app show that 80% of users reported a drop in stress levels throughout the day after only a few days of using the app.
\"We also conducted a clinical trial in people with diabetes and the results showed that their blood sugar levels increased by 18% in eight weeks.
This can be explained by reducing stress and also affecting eating habits.
It\'s easier to change the way you live. \" Dr.
Fuerst stressed that the app is also safe for children to use, although it is recommended to adjust the profile to the user in order to maximize efficiency.
\"We recommend using the app once a day to produce preventive effects,\" he said. \"Also, people should use it at any stressful time during the day, for example, before testing or before important meetings.
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