Explain the principle of telescope range finder and its selection points

by:UMeasure     2020-04-19
Principle, telescope rangefinder usually uses pulse method to measure distance. The process of the pulse method is as follows: the laser emitted by the rangefinder is reflected by the object to be measured, and then received by the rangefinder, and the rangefinder records the time of the laser round trip at the same time. Half of the product of the speed of light and round-trip time is the distance between the rangefinder and the object being measured. The accuracy of the pulse method used to measure distance is usually about /-1 meter. In addition, the measurement dead zone of this rangefinder is usually about 15 meters. Select point 1. The basic parameter of telescope rangefinder is measuring distance. First of all, you should choose the telescope rangefinder that needs to measure the distance. 2. Measurement accuracy, nominal measurement accuracy of all manufacturers is /-1 meter, this is only theoretical data. The measurement accuracy depends on the measurement target environment, telescope rangefinder lens, infrared laser emitter quality and data processor accuracy.
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