dynamic structures\' telescope could see billions of light years away

by:UMeasure     2020-04-14
The dynamic structure of British Columbia has developed a new generation of telescopes that will make them economically viable.
Company CEO Guy Nelson said Friday that many universities dream of owning an observatory, but traditional telescopes require heavy mirrors supported by large observatory.
But Dynamic says it can produce light on a large scale using robotics and the company\'s new optics technology
The weight mirror can see millions or even billions of light years away.
David Khalidi, founder of dynamic structures, said they have developed 30-meter telescopes that can take away the atmosphere with flexible lenses and focus only on what the audience wants to see.
\"Behind that flexible lens, you have a series of actuators --
\"This is a small piston that can move very, very quickly, and these pistons can change the shape of the surface,\" he explained . \".
In order for the telescope to get a reference point, the laser is sent into the sodium layer to produce a reference star, he said.
\"So you measure it and it will give you a wave and then through a huge mathematical model you will reverse it and make it even.
\"Now that you have a straight line and this information, you poke it back on the server that controls the flexible mirror, and if you control it properly, you take the atmosphere away,\" he said . \".
The company has been building telescopes, but it has been using this technology for rides for the past 20 years.
Nelson said it started with Mr. S.
The government cooperates on a project.
The engineer later became the head of the \"fantasy project\" at Walt Disney.
He said that when engineers thought the company could solve the problem on a ride in the Epcot Center, Dynamic was invited.
They are just shifting their manufacturing capabilities, sharing them with academia, and turning them into real solutions, says Mr.
\"A lot of the time it stays on the academic level and you can\'t cultivate it into a practical application solution.
\"That\'s what we did,\" he said . \"
The company employs about 130 people in Port B Coquitlam. C.
, A backlog of amusement park rides worth about $100 million exported to the United StatesS. and China.
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