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by:UMeasure     2020-04-01
Hyderabad: National Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO)
It has an impressive array of equipment in its armory that can be provided to troops fighting border ambushes or to attacks by domestic rebel groups.
A large number of equipment and equipment developed by DRDO have been introduced into defense forces and paramilitary forces, and in some cases technology has been transferred for commercial production.
Officials say their large-scale deployment may help address the situation further, but they added that the terrain and length of the surveillance area played an important role in making such decisions.
In an interview with TOI, senior DRDO officials cited examples of battlefield surveillance radar --Short Range (BFSR-SR)
Used by armed forces. \"BFSR-SR is battery-powered, light-weight, man-
Portable surveillance radar
It can search for the specified sectors, can track multiple targets at the same time, and classify various ground targets based on Doppler, a DRDO official added that the probability of radar being intercepted is very low, and have the ability to detect, track and classify crawlers (
700 away)
Single Man Walking (3 km)
Mobile heavy vehicles (14 km).
Battlefield Surveillance Radar issues an audio alert when new targets are detected in the fenced area, while tracking multiple targetswhile-scan (TWS)
Mode and be able to be at all-
Weather conditions include highwind speeds.
\"This makes it more effective to monitor the front area around the clock.
Radar is a potential sensor for border security forces, the Coast Guard and the army.
BFSR for networking-
\"SR can provide online situational awareness at the control center,\" the official said . \".
\"Netra\" is another fully autonomous, lightweight DRDO product
Weight drones were developed specifically for counter-insurgency operations that require monitoring and reconnaissance facilities during the day and night.
\"With automaticpilot and in-
\"It has built-in security features that return to normal based on lost communication or low battery power,\" the official said . \" He added that the \"network\" was deployed and restored in a limited job area
For our soldiers, another device that can be a major asset is integrated multiple
A functional vision will soon be provided to thousands of armed forces. This light-
The weight and compact equipment is composed of heat imagers (TI)
And laser Range (LRF)
And able to operate during the day and night.
\"Used for soldiers to monitor and quickly engage targets, this device is able to measure the distance of the target and its own position, and can also calculate the common position
\"The coordinates of the target,\" the official said . \".
\"Bharani\" is a low-weight radar that provides early warning to the army and air defense weapons systems, mainly in mountainous areas, to counter hostile air agents such as unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopter and fixed wing aircraft flying at low, medium altitude.
The official assertion that \"The radar has an \'enemy-me identification system that can detect, confirm, classify and obtain IFF status for each target on the battlefield under surveillance \".
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