different types of laser cutting equipment

by:UMeasure     2020-04-04
Laser cutting is a high utilization
Power laser beam cutting various materials.
The material is burned, melted, evaporated or blown away.
The laser consists of photons.
The width of a typical laser beam is about 1/5 millimeters.
In addition, the beam focuses on energy from 1000 to 2000.
This energy is enough to melt and cut the most common materials.
In 1967, laser cutting technology was first used to cut materials.
The typical laser cutting machine produces holes between 1mm and 20mm.
The special laser cutting machine can make smaller holes.
The beam is used to cut various materials such as carbon alloy, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, wood, ceramics and rubber.
The industrial laser cutting machine is popular for its simple operation, convenient use and various functions.
These instruments are mainly used to cut metal plates and give specific patterns.
Industrial Laser cutting has a wide range of applications.
These laser devices are used in the healthcare industry as a surgical device.
In addition, the equipment is also used for process manufacturing, printing and welding of metal plates.
These devices are also used to cut various fabrics in the garment industry.
Industrial Laser cutting has several advantages over other types of cutting technology.
Some of the benefits of this advanced cutting technology include high precision, clean cutting, reduced workpiece contamination, reduced power consumption, minimal operator intervention and faster operation.
The different methods of cutting using a laser cutting machine are evaporation cutting, melting and cracking, thermal stress cracking, cold cutting, rowing, reaction cutting and flame cutting.
The traditional laser cutting equipment has two main components, including the table where the metal workpiece is placed and the head where the beam is projected.
These two important parts of the laser cutting machine remain unchanged.
These components can be adjusted to meet specific cutting requirements.
These cutting equipments have become valuable assets due to their advanced functions and convenient operation.
The different types of cutting machines available on the market are: flying optical machines: this is one of the fastest cutting equipment.
The machine emits a beam that can be cut along the X-axis and y-axis of the metal plate.
This machine enables you to cut a large number of workpieces in a short period of time.
Moving the material Machine: The beam projected through this machine remains stationary.
The workpiece is connected to the moving surface, and the moving surface is in the pre-
Programming direction.
The direction is programmed by computer.
This device is slow compared to other cutting equipment.
Another important cutting equipment is the hybrid configuration cutting machine.
This machine is a combination of flying optics and moving material machines.
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