‘death star’ lasers reveal the secret battle going on at the heart of the ant nebula

by:UMeasure     2020-04-14
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Flashing through the ruins of a giant nebula, TrailerLasers reveals what is happening behind the gas cloud.
Image: Star Wars Source: SuppliedIT is a huge explosion: Two symmetrical, rolling bubbles reach out to form what we call the Ant Nebula.
The laser pulse has now been detected rippling in its broken heart.
The Ant Nebula is already very strange.
Its shape is not common.
That\'s why the European Space Agency\'s Herel Space Observatory studied it back in 2013.
Despite the infrastructure
The red space telescope has long been retired, and astronomers are still screening its vast amounts of data and images.
They can finally see the center of the Ant Nebula.
About 8000 light years away.
This particular cloud is called Menzel 3.
It is made up of dense gas, so what happens to the dead star below it is particularly difficult to observe.
Then astronomers discovered the laser.
When the Jedi returned to the scene, the dead star opened fire on the rebel battleship.
Source: \"Due to the sensitivity and wide wavelength range of the Herschel observatory, we have detected a very rare type of emission called hydrogen Composite line laser emission, this provides a way to reveal the structure and physical conditions of the nebula.
These lasers reveal a lot about what\'s going on inside.
\"When we look at Menzel 3, we see a surprisingly complex structure made up of ionising gases, but we don\'t see objects in the center produce this pattern,\" Aleman said . \".
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Astronomers believe that the dead star is a yellow dwarf similar to our own.
When it reaches the end of life, when the core shrinks, it spews out the outer gas. What remains —a white deaf —
It becomes hotter, leaving the surrounding gas clouds to form a nebula.
Star Wars: The resistance of the last Jedi po X-Wing.
Image source: the shape of the lucedbut Ant Nebula is very strange.
It is only seen in a few other cases.
This seems to have something to do with the density of the central Menzel 3 gas cloud
10,000 times thicker than usual.
There is something to stop the gas from leaking.
\"The only way to keep the gas close to the star is if the gas rotates around it in the disk,\" the University of Manchester\'s Astrophysical and research collaboration
Said author Albert zistra.
\"In this case, we actually observe a dense disk in the center, which is about the edge-on.
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\"This direction helps to amplify the laser signal.
The disk indicates that the white dwarf has a double star companion, because unless the companion deflects it in the right direction, it is difficult to get the emitted gas into orbit.
\"Victory: The Millennium Falcon races against the dead star of the explosion.
Image: Lucas Film Source: The idea provided is that the gas released by the dying star is captured by nearby neighbors
The second star that surrounds the first one
Then the gas falls on its surface. and reacts —
As a suction plate.
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\"Herschel offers the perfect ability to detect this extraordinary laser in the Ant Nebula.
These findings will help to limit the conditions under which this phenomenon occurs and help us to refine the model of the evolution of stars.
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