cross westchester; boatcraft tried and true

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A group of \"straight man cool eye\" written by debra westjuly 17,200 5A focuses on a person who creates shipbuilding and offshore skills projects for Bronx teenagers.
The man named Adam Green is the executive director of the rock ship.
School and summer program on 174 Street near Crossroads
Bronx HighwayBut Mr.
Green also spread his good work to Westchester.
A year ago, he came to Philipsburg Manor with his rock boat students.
It took them six weeks to learn about the history museum of building boats on the 18 th. century style.
It\'s like shipbuilding with chainsaw and laser level is not hard enough, they are at 21-foot flat-
Bottom Boat using hand made wooden tools and a lot of sweat.
\"The children learned about the colonial history and its connection to the waterways,\" he said . \"
Green founded the rock ship in 1996 and built 14 more ships in a more modern way.
Ships made last summer are now moored on the pocantiko River, just as businessmen did in 1750 --
Owners, tenants, farmers and slaves work here.
This summer, the ship returned to the Philipsburg Manor with 16 students on an 18-
Foot scscow, a ship that transports supplies from one side of the river to the other.
The students were dressed in colonial costumes because part of their job was to show and tell the visitors at Philipsburg Manor what life was like on the 18 thCentury America
Advertising when scow is finished, it will be moored at Van Cortlandt Manor, another historic Hudson Valley property in Croton --on-Hudson.
Of course, for Mr.
Working with Green, sometimes traveling to Westchester is a bit like a time trip.
\"We brought them up in a van . \"
Green said: \"30 minutes from the door.
Thirty minutes later, they came from the Bronx to a place where sheep were wandering around.
We are not just teaching shipbuilding, we are also teaching the possibilities of life. -
It\'s hard to learn if you \'ve never left the block.
Producers of cool eyes may consider hiring Mr.
Encourage their contestants to be more socially aware.
Now, it will be necessary. See programming.
Make your own KayakFor for those who want to learn more about contemporary shipbuilding methods and don\'t mind being further away from the actual water, with Fox Lane Boatworks, a wooden-
The shipbuilding school will open in Brewster this summer.
On the wall of the school, in an elegant barn not far from me
684, hang a smooth kayak built by several ship owners, Paul pasquiao and Kerry creze, for themselves and friends.
The store was completed two years ago, but partners are still waiting to issue town permits (
They hope in a few weeks.
So that they can open.
\"This is an art for me . \"
Pasquantonio, 54
\"I \'ve just started to understand the economic exchange I \'ve done in order to be able to do something I like and make a living.
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They were built with traditional design and modern composite buildings.
Using a technique called stitching and glue, they start with plywood stitched together with copper wire, bonded together with epoxy resin, and then packaged in Fiberglas.
It turned out to be a stylish and light boat. The ocean-
The kayak they made is 17 feet long and weighs 45 pounds.
It takes about 60 hours for AdvertisementIt to build his own kayak for about $1,750;
Fox Lane shipyard will build it for you for $2,500.
Scott Valentine, 14, West Harrison, is a pilot. student.
He is building his own ship with ready-made ships.
A series of plans have been developed for a kayak called Chesapeake Light. He used pre-
But more experienced carpenters can cut themselves.
\"There is really no difficult part,\" Scott said . \".
All of these are simple small steps.
The learning curve follows simple steps.
That\'s what the students at the 18 international junior physicist championships say.
Only their simple steps may include long-term mathematical equations for tricky subjects such as fluid mechanics, airflow, and gravity.
Three students from the Rye Country School are five. member Team U. S. A.
He went to wintertour, Switzerland this week for the World Cup in physics. (
The other two are from California and Florida. )
Since September, Rye students Jonathan Borun, Robert Kirkham and Divia Krishnan have been working on 14 very simple physical problems.
Under the guidance of their teacher, Bruce odall, they solved the following question: How did the dragonfly fly?
How does rotation affect the trajectory of tennis?
What exactly created a mirage on a hot road?
In the game, the team must investigate each issue, propose mathematical theorems to explain the behavior discussed, and then defend the ideas of the opposing team.
The game starts on Thursday and lasts seven days.
Team U last yearS. A.
There are also students from Rye Country Day, ranked 16 out of more than 20 teams.
\"We hope that we will improve in this regard;
We learned some strategies this time . \"
Kirkham, 18, graduated in June and plans to enter Harvard in the fall of 2006.
\"Everyone says the team to beat this year is German.
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A version of the article was printed on page WC14 of the National edition on July 17, 2005, with the title: Cross Westchester;
I tried the boat. It\'s true.
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