company makes futuristic laser-guided pizza cutter

by:UMeasure     2020-04-14
Introduce the ideal holiday gift for people who like pizza and even the perfect laserguided slices—
Meet the tactical laser
Guide the pizza cutter.
This futuristic device is placed on a regular pizza slicer and a laser is fired on the pizza to help you cut straight.
The list of gadgets in the online retailer ThinkGeek reads: \"With stable hands and good eyes, you can cut jobs directly every time . \".
\"It means arguing about who has a bigger share, the more time to enjoy delicious food, the less time to waste.
\"The tactical laser is also equipped with a flashlight in case you cut pizza in the dark, which may not be the best idea-but we \'ve all been there.
Tactical Laser
The guided pizza knife 30 can retail for $ at ThinkGeek.
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