commuting long distances and loving it

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David Kay Johnston.
2000 like millions of other Americans, Lilian and Philip silver drove to work from a suburban house on Monday morning.
But that\'s the point of similarity.
A few minutes later, madam.
Silver at Grand Rochester International Airport was dropped there, and she boarded an American Airlines jet to LaGuardia Airport, 250 miles away, then took a $25 taxi to her job at Lincoln Center
The time of door-to-door passage: almost three hours.
However, for the rest of the week, Madam
Silver can walk a few minutes from Lincoln Center to the couple\'s Upper West Side apartment.
It may take a long time to get to work by plane.
But today, when the economy is booming, it is no longer a strange thing. Mrs.
Silver is one of about a dozen people who fly to and from New York City every week from the Rochester metropolitan population of 1 million.
Elsewhere in the country, this trend is more evident.
Think of those who commute to Silicon Valley, where the median house price is more than $400,000.
Flights to San Jose, California
On Monday morning, it was packed with workers who spent the weekend with their families in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Utah, where the money could buy mini
A mansion or a horse farm.
Similarly, flights leaving Dallas, Houston and Austin, Texas on Friday afternoon and evening are advertised.
Because people who leave work in one of the cities fly to their homes in the suburbs of another city, this commute is encouraged by low-income people
Fares for Southwest Airlines in Dallas Love Field.
The advertisement \"I found it not so unusual to go to work by plane \". Silver said.
The chief financial officer of the Metropolitan Hotel commute from Minneapolis.
Others in Lincoln Center commute from Florida and elsewhere.
At first, people made me think it was exotic, but I kept meeting more people who did it. \'\'Mrs.
In 1987, Silver left a marketing job at Rochester steam utility to start commuting, far from her dream of finding a professional residence in the art world and M at Columbia University. B. A. program.
\"My husband would say, \'We have two children and three are not at school, \'she said. \'\".
When she graduated from Columbia University, she said, the business school asked her to continue as director of corporate relations, \"it\'s too appealing not to accept . \".
When the Metropolitan Opera hired her as vice president in 1997, she had worked hard --
Upgrade operation.
Her husband works in law in Rochester.
Although it is a disadvantage to live four or five days alone a week, it is also good.
Commuters can earn thousands of frequent
For example, flying miles per year, those who insist on an airline can even upgrade to first class on the cheapest flights --purchase fares.
In addition, spouses who make big money in high salaries
Cost metropolises like New York or San Francisco can afford families and lifestyles in a medium city hundreds of miles away, the only dream of colleagues, even considering the cost of travel and small apartments.
Explanations for these high-altitude commutes range from placement of spouses in occupations in different cities, to the appeal of living in a smaller community with good schools, to expectations (
Often misunderstood)
Working in another city will only last a few years and is not worth moving.
For Kirk Sapa, he commutes to Manhattan as executive vice president of Union Road
He and his wife
The salon center teaches veterinary medicine at Cornell University in Ithaca because of professional achievements.
The advertisement \"we have no children.
\"This makes this more feasible,\" SAPA said.
While others are hard to understand for not doing so, the reality of the New York market is that I may spend less time commuting than most people in the suburbs. \'\' Mr.
Sapa drove his pickup truck to Ithaca airport, drove an American airline prop plane to LaGuardia, took an airport bus to the naval terminal, and then took a water taxi to the Wall Street Union Road office.
He spent the evening in an apartment he bought in Brooklyn Heights, and the subway ride from his office was short.
Some people with children found out
A long commute is not only feasible but satisfactory.
Two years ago, Jim and Laura Plante moved their now 7-year-old Conor and 4-year-old Delaney from a house in a narrow section of Silicon Valley to 5,000-square-
3-acre walking estate in Salem, Oregon. Since then, Mr.
Factory, 39, drove an hour to Portland for a 10-point ride on Monday. m.
Alaska Airlines 100-
A small flight to San Jose, where he climbed up his Mercedes-
Mercedes-Benz and his job are the communications director of ReplayTV, a technology manufacturer that records TV shows on hard drives.
\"You can buy a very beautiful house in Oregon . \"Plant said.
\"Of course my kids miss their dad, but I think they like the quality of life in Oregon.
Mom doesn\'t work, and if we live in Silicon Valley, she may work if we want to maintain any way of life.
\"People have a lot of different reactions to my commute, from \'I can understand why you did that,\' to \'Gosh, I can\'t leave my family for five days.
Like many people who go to work by plane.
The factory has a job that requires a lot of travel.
He was interviewed by phone on a business trip in New Orleans.
For workaholics, getting to and from work by plane is a convenient way to separate work from entertainment.
Think about Craig R.
Intel chief executive Barrett has been in Arizona for 11 years at 600-
His work experience in Silicon Valley.
\"While in Santa Clara, I can work 16 hours a day without worrying about being late for home,\" he said.
Barrett, who works on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in California, said in an emailmail interview.
\"I usually have dinner sessions on two nights away from home to maximize my time.
He said his wife, Barbara, was also on a business trip, so \"one side benefit of all this is that we can often arrange our business trip, meet in interesting places and spend a weekend.
\"David Kay Johnston flies from Rochester to New York City on a weekly jet ride, where his wife Jennifer Leonard, the chairman of the Rochester Regional Community Foundation and their daughter live.
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