College graduates use laser rangefinder to build blind cars

by:UMeasure     2020-04-21
The travel of the Blind has always been a very difficult problem. Let alone driving, even if you usually walk around, you need a lot of external things to barely carry out, however, students from Virginia Tech are about to create a myth. Virginia Tech graduates have recently created a car that can be driven by blind people. This car is equipped with a laser rangefinder and a computer with voice software and other sensor technologies. It can directly help visually impaired people to drive freely in a completely closed environment. Most of the experiments on this car were designed and developed by a group of mechanical engineering students in this laboratory. This blind car is equipped with a laser rangefinder and a special vibration vest to let the driver know when to accelerate, slow down or stop. There is also a voice control software system to convey turning instructions. The steering wheel of this car is connected with a laser rangefinder that can remotely monitor and collect information, and uses voice software to tell the driver how far to turn the steering wheel. For example, when you need to turn left, the rangefinder will make three 'Didi' sounds. There is also a vibration vest for the driver. This vibration vest tells the driver when he should speed up and slow down. The vest will vibrate on the back, abdomen and shoulders to convey different commands. And when the whole vest is shaking, this means the driver needs to brake quickly! In the parking lot of Virginia Tech University in the United States, Mr. Case is driving a sand dune car. This car was designed by the university students for the blind. Case has lost sight for more than 40 years. After so many years, he can drive again. He expressed his inner joy and excitement to the reporter. However, at present, there are still many non-technological challenges for blind people to really drive on the road. Although the idea is very good, it still takes a long time to really solve a series of problems with low risk, but I believe that in the near future, blind people can also drive cars to travel more conveniently.
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