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by:UMeasure     2020-04-18
A place called Ghost Ranch in New Mexico would find a terrible place to be right
Look at Creatures
But it\'s not a ghost-
This is a dinosaur. This dog-
Size, fierce-
The animal that looks like an animal is called the Guardian Dragon chauliodus, meaning to follow \"buck-
Hans said, \"the evil lizard with teeth
Dieter Sues is the leading author of published research describing the dinosaur and the curator of the Paleontology of the spine at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.
The above illustration compares the head and neck to a quarter.
You can see it has a short nose and huge front teeth.
Scientists have discovered the skull and neck of the previously unidentified dinosaur, and in the Journal of the Royal Society B.
This dinosaur provides the connection between what the ancient biologists think is \"early\" and \"later\" dinosaurs.
The oldest known dinosaur, which was walking or running on its hind legs in Argentina and Brazil about 0. 23 billion years ago, has a gap from the fossil records of other predatory dinosaurs who lived later.
The Daem dragon helped fill the gap in dinosaur history.
The newly discovered species, which lived about 0. 205 billion years ago, may prey on other dinosaurs and other small animals, says Sues.
The Southwest United States was close to the equator, so it was warm and monsoon-
Like heavy seasonal precipitation.
The dinosaur may be active during the day, although its big eyes indicate that it can also be seen at night.
How did it go extinct?
It could have been the victim of the extinction that happened about 0. 2 billion years ago.
With the separation of the mainland, there is a large volcanic activity zone.
A large amount of lava is released, causing a terrible impact on the atmosphere.
Most dinosaurs have succeeded.
That is, until an asteroid hit about 65 million years ago
But maybe it\'s not.
\"It just shows that there are still many new dinosaurs to be discovered even in the United States,\" Sues said . \".
\"People always think we have to go to some remote places, but, just north of New Mexico, we can still find new dinosaurs.
\"As a man of faith, I believe evolution has been well demonstrated and even the Catholic church has acknowledged that now, the evidence is there.
The only question now is how did this all begin? Frank, nice. . . . .
Religion is an inner faith, and I don\'t think there is anything stupid about those who choose to believe.
I\'m happy for those who do, but I find it stupid to hit again in religion
Jbs who can\'t or worse, won\'t see what religion is and what it creates. Frank. . .
Enjoy your faith and be happy in your life.
\"I think we are all atheists.
I believe only one God less than you.
When you understand why you are firing all the other possible gods, you will understand why I am firing your gods.
\"I think Jesesaurus Rex is a missing link.
Q: What does a creator say whenever we find such a missing link?
A: \"Great, two new gaps!
To be honest, although the neck and skull may convey head features, eye size, teeth, etc.
I don\'t think this article shows how this transition is done just by describing.
There are a lot of assumptions that you can only believe if you have enough confidence in the card that is depicted.
Just because someone has printed \"this is a missing link\" does not mean that it is, or has been proven to be. Sorry.
Next project?
Yes, scientists keep claiming that they have found the missing link, but it turns out to be incorrect.
When the Lord turns over the captivity of Zion again, we will be like them, like Bristol Palin or Michelle Markin bawahahaha.
Looks more like your mom! !
More interesting now.
To be honest, your hatred of liberals is not enough.
Looks like Jesus.
Nail it on the cross, worship it after thousands of years, and make sure it hates everything you fear on the cross.
Because it\'s a moral thing.
This is a disgusting sight.
See the naked dead man hanging on the torture rack!
If I was walking around town in such clothes, I bet they \'d put me in jail!
I think a lot of girls will be opened when they look at that thing!
If Jesus is alive today, executed
I think they will have M-
There are 16 people on each church and tie around the neck.
Okay, he\'s not H-Bomb!
LOL @ evolution is the truth
In a few hundred years or so, scientists will review this far-fetched theory with great laughter.
Oh, do the flies on the wall-that is, if the flies don\'t \"evolve\" into super insects or dinosaurs. Yes. . .
They will sit down and laugh at it, just as they laugh at all the scientific advances that take advantage of evolution as the main framework of biology.
They think life extension is hysterical.
Very remote north of New Mexico! @Caveman: true. \"Ex-Wife-A-
\"Dragon\" means a dinosaur, the only meaning is \"mother\"In-Law-A-Aaurus\" . . .
They all \"evolved\" into giant chickens that pecked at some people: I feel sorry for the poor guy in the video.
This is a Uqly dinosaur lOl-it\'s a Cupacabra lmao. The dinosaurs did not die from an asteroid disaster.
They die ugly!
I will definitely agree that it is Bu tuly!
I think you mean the ex. wife-a-
SaurusThe Dalglish fundmentalsaurses are active at this page.
Sadly, there are very few peace agnostic or Catholics here to give some reason for the discussion.
This is not the missing link. .
Transitional species. . .
The story tells the story of the battle between the early dinosaurs and the later dinosaurs. .
CNN just tried to interest you but you read it!
How do you know?
Are you a qualified paleontology, or is it just a religious crack tank that rejects any evidence that invalidates your stupid bronzeage myths?
How could it be a \"missing\" link if we found it?
It cannot have a history of about 0. 2 billion years, because when you add up the age of the ancestors of Jesus to Adam, you will find that God created the whole universe in 2004. C.
It was calculated for the first time in 1600 AD by Archbishop Ussher of Ireland.
Since then, many others have calculated it and arrived on the same date.
Simple operations are required.
Take out your Bible and prove it yourself. Trololo @ Jerry. . .
The Jewish Torah is 2,500 years old.
However, there are 6,000 years of culture.
Indian culture is much older. @jerry2. . .
The missing link is for archaeological records.
Humans or religions are not mentioned in this article.
As far as your faith in the Bible chronology is concerned, perhaps you should realize that there are at least four major genres of the Genesis chronology.
It is also realized that there are more than 32,000 Christian denominations.
Christians can\'t even agree on the color of sh.
Damn, two more gaps! ?
Of course, there is no \"missing\"
The link itself, which is a misnomer, is \"transitional fossil \".
But is this really not a semantic boundary?
As a side note, it\'s sad that when people say they don\'t care or a story is stupid, we can\'t tell if Jerry is really serious or not lazy, but they took the time to read it and posted it.
Who\'s stupid now?
It does look a bit like Hillary Clinton.
I feel very sorry for Christians (
Or other religious funders)
They asked God to abide by their special reading of the Bible.
Evolution does not threaten faith in God.
Just ask the Pope or any other Catholic.
There is no reason to ignore science, evidence, facts, etc.
Only the Protestant concept of the Sola Bible requires them to blindly accept that every word of the Bible is a fact, not to understand that most of it is fable and analogy.
The Earth is 4 billion years old.
Humans do not walk with dinosaurs.
These are facts.
Don\'t build your faith on irony and falsehood.
Science reveals the real science.
This is bad for the rest of us Christians.
You people need to use your own wisdom to resolve your arguments about whether humans are evolved or created, stop trying to convince each other of the origins of humans, and perhaps focus on those selves.
Announce that your talented brain cells will improve our future in this person. Abandoned Planet!
How wasteful this is. . .
Creation or Evolution? ? ?
Fish, dinner, birds, mammals, damn bugs don\'t let mice know who evolved from what, they just need to know one thing, where will they get the food source next! MOVE ON folks!
Maybe it\'s a transitional period, but I think these giant chickens evolved from this bird that looks like a dinosaur:-You\'re an idiot. @joeprofit. . . .
So we should all lie down and say God did it?
What a lazy thing to do
Your lack of curiosity is incredible in itself.
Haha, your expertise in ancient biology tells you otherwise. . . .
Experts say this is a missing link. . .
Who the hell are you? ? ?
@ JoeProfet nice to try to be cute with your \"man\"
Review of the abandoned planet. . . FYI-–Forsakeverb (
Use with objects), -sook, -sak·en, -sak·ing. 1.
To withdraw or leave altogether; abandon;
DesertI did not see in his comments where the crucifix mentioned anything about God.
But you attack him automatically. -why?
Because of his name?
If you are \"so scientifically certain\"-then why do Christians pose such a threat to your faith?
You might think science is wrong, is there a God somewhere in your head?
I won\'t let anyone think for you.
Your whole statement is based on someone else\'s theory. . .
You\'re basically completely contradictory.
No, think better.
I have seen and even had some fossils.
I understand the concept of plate technology, radioactive decay, and stellar redshift.
I also know that young Earth creators take out all the obvious facts around us and try to expose the reality.
Unless the young earthcrests believe that God has spent seven days burying the false evidence of evolution, just to make the universe look like it has 14 billion years of history to confuse us, so I really don\'t understand who is doing what you think.
It\'s definitely not you.
I know that humans and dinosaurs are not walking together.
I am not an atheist, but have a completely different view of everything, especially with evidence that humans and dinosaurs are not walking together.
I believe the Bible is wrong.
How can I not believe such a thing?
When I knew it was written very well after Jesus died.
I have come to the conclusion that we exist after many attempts to create a perfect world and be destroyed by higher forces.
I believe it was a pleasure to meet people when they died, it was a paradise.
I am far more than the passage of time.
At that time, a day in the Bible could be a day a few years later. Who knows?
I think it is absurd for a person to attack this evidence and then shamelessly hide behind their religious beliefs.
Then we will know what is waiting for us.
Before that, let\'s accept each other.
Because maybe, maybe we\'re all wrong.
Test-I \'ve been sending a reply and nothing comes up-review I guessOK-try again and think about it --
You seem to believe in both-just not a literal interaction. of the Bible.
Let me ask you this.
How old was Adam when he was created?
It sounds like a silly question, but the obvious answer is-he looks like an adult-maybe 30 years old-but, it was old a few minutes ago.
So, well, God created something that looks older than the actual age. . . ? ? ?
Think about it. What about your fossil?
How are these formed?
Millions of years?
No-they are made of sediment, lack of oxygen, lack of water and sudden climate events with high pressure --
Sounds like floods and many other simultaneous events-volcanoes, earthquakes, total destruction.
\"So we should all lie down and say God did it,\" Tripp said?
What a lazy thing to do
Your lack of curiosity is incredible in itself.
\"Quite the opposite-I like to investigate the amazing things God has done in nature --
Whether he runs them as a loop or controls things every day --it\'s amazing.
Chuck, my personal belief is that God\'s way of creating the universe supports life.
Life evolves and becomes emotional at some point.
The Catholic Church will tell you that God may have instilled in man the spark of divinity at that time, rather than creating him from the dust as before.
If God only created Adam and Eve, then who will Kane live with after murdering Abel?
As for the timeline, the Milky Way is 55 miles light-years wide.
If the world is as young as I thought, how can we see the stars?
I think-I think the problem with you and the Catholic Church is that your God is big enough to create the Big Bang-but, not big enough to control the big bang.
Answer your question-maybe it\'s too simple for you,, I think he put the stars not far from where they were-no big bang-as before-just in motion.
Oh, people always want to mention Cane\'s wife, it\'s stupid
Adam and Eve had other children. The daughter was not mentioned-
Yes, maybe his sister.
This is OK for two people whose DNA is almost perfect.
Chuck, if he created the stars thousands of years ago, the light, traveling at the speed of light, would not be heard in 54,995,000 years.
It\'s just the stars we see in the Milky Way, ignoring thousands of other galaxies.
I think-I do understand what you\'re talking about, as I said-my thoughts may be too simple for you-but, I believe that visual light is instantaneous, not something that measures time or distance.
I know you\'ll think it\'s crazy, but, the light can be bent by gravity and affected by the atmosphere-zoom in, separate, etc.
I don\'t believe we look at the past when we look at the sky.
For example, as I said before the Hubble launch-the measurements of light from Earth show that, the universe has a history of 28 billion years-from the Hubble survey-they changed their minds and turned into a history of 14 billion years --
So it\'s down 14 billion years in six miles of space? ?
Also, Chuck is not about how \"big\" God is, but the basic logic.
Not how, but if not why he created the universe with every measurable and observable evidence that pointed to a universe billions of years ago.
The problem with Fundimentalism is that it creates more atheists than anything else.
You tell your child that everything that science has discovered about the world is a contribution to God.
This creates the wrong choice between measurable reality and the existence of God.
If there are only these two options, there is more evidence in science.
That\'s why so many children come home from high school and college as atheists.
You, not the church, try to make God smaller and say that he can only work as you say by inserting a 3,000-year-old book.
Chuck, I\'m sorry, but when we talk about faith, we\'re in the realm of faith, not the realm of science.
Light moves at the speed of light.
This is not a belief. It is a fact.
That\'s why radar and GPSs work.
Radio waves are a form of radiation, just like light has a different frequency)
Please do not confuse facts with beliefs and theories.
Thinking-\"The problem with fundimentalism is that it creates more atheists than anything else.
You tell your child that everything that science has discovered about the world is a contribution to God.
This creates the wrong choice between measurable reality and the existence of God. \"Wow!
In fact, the opposite is true-I believe that a God who exists and created it tells us how he did it, and Christian Scientists are proving a young Earth (and Universe)
It\'s very possible.
However, those who do not believe in God-do everything in their power to prove that \"he\" does not say so, and therefore wish to prove that God does not exist.
In turn, atheists were created.
-I think you really should go and find out what the main goals of Darwin and herhux Li are-to prove that God does not exist-herhux Li particularly hates everything that is related to Christianity.
Hehux Li is the one who created the word agnostic.
Darwin, a former believer (supposedly)
After his daughter died, he went crazy and started his quest to destroy the \"God. Think -
Thank you of science
I design radar and GPS equipment.
Have a good day.
Chuck, do you think light cannot be used to measure distance, and you claim to design the system by measuring distance in the form of light?
How does the laser range machine work? Magic?
You are either a liar or a madman.
Anyway, I wish you a good day.
Well, I don\'t want to go on like this, but it\'s over to not make me a liar.
I have never said that light cannot measure anything.
I just don\'t believe the same principle applies to visible light from stars.
The laser range device measures the light pulse from it and measures the time required for reflection, thus calculating the distance from the pulse to the reflection.
This is a \"limited\" pulse and distance.
The further it goes-the more inaccurate it becomes due to the limitations of the device --
Therefore, for the probe, radar, GPS-
The most accurate thing is to have multiples and triangle them-that\'s what happens in the GPS world-you talk to more satellites-the more accurate you get. OK, Chuck.
I see now.
Light from the Milky Way arrived on Earth 54,995,000 years earlier than all scientific experiments had predicted.
So it actually travels 10,000 times as fast in space as the Earth.
Once again, we have ignored other galaxies billions of light years away.
I will pray to God that I have never been on a GPS or radar you designed.
For the record, I said it was either a liar or a madman.
In fact, I tend to believe that you are crazy and you can believe that the speed of light is tens of thousands or even millions of times the speed of travel, so that you can trust your version of the Sola Bible. Think -
It doesn\'t matter-I\'m used to being called \"crazy\", \"idiot\", \"crazy \". . . . etc.
-Because it seems that \"intelligence scientists whose IQ is much higher than anyone else, they know everything about the universe, and I will never admit that they have the slightest possibility of being wrong \", like yourself-it always seems like the result of the roll call.
I don\'t mean to insult you.
The diagnosis is more.
You deny basic facts and obvious facts.
This is the definition of madness.
God is not small, he needs to put in the box you made for him.
If he created an infinite universe 14 billion years ago, it would be more glory than less.
If he had created countless worlds and turned life into perception, he would have become bigger, not smaller.
Fundimentalists created so many atheists by denying the basic facts.
I have met many former Christians who have lost their faith because they believe in science, real measurable science, and have denied their faith.
If you give up your literature reading the Bible and ignore countless contributions, there is no conflict between reality and faith. Think – wow!
Well, we said over and over again-\"Believe in the Bible,\" and I created an atheist again.
Although you are not saying \"don\'t believe in the Bible \".
It makes sense for a madman.
The final idea-didn\'t Einstein himself say \"one way of the speed of light is not measurable?
You claim that \"C\" is constant at all times (
Although we know that in some cases it is not transparent, atmospheric, etc)
In no case can we grow exponentially.
But, you will say, we have to multiply the carbon and isotope to get the dating method \"fast\"-however, what I would say is that the dating method will disappear around 6000. hmmm. . . .
Yes, I think I\'m crazy and I deny that your method is true.
\"Haha, your expertise in ancient biology tells you otherwise. . . .
Experts say this is a missing link. . .
Who the hell are you? ? ?
The article says experts call this a \"missing link \"? \" It doesn\'t.
That\'s the author of the article.
Most modern ancient biologists have given up the idea of \"missing links\" because, as nailed to the cross, there is no such thing, only \"transitional species \".
In short, when found, \"missing links\" will only create more \"links\" in the missing chain \"!
\"In his comments, I do not see where the crucifix mentioned anything about God-but you will automatically attack him-why?
Because of his name?
If you are \"so scientifically certain\"-then why do Christians pose such a threat to your faith?
You might think science is wrong, is there a God somewhere in your head?
God was not mentioned on the cross.
He\'s not arguing about evolution.
In fact, he is confirming his knowledge of the matter, not arguing about it).
Who said that Christians were crucified?
Many people have been crucified in history.
Romans and others)
That\'s not Jesus?
Like all \"missing links\", this will not be a link, but it will be treated as a link long enough to deceive the population into believing in them to overcome. (sigh. )
Of course, we will not hear anything once it is debunked.
The conspiracy continues. . .
This is not a missing link.
In the long history of animals, it is only a species that has changed slowly over millions of years.
It\'s like taking pictures of me as a child and an adult, then finding a picture in my teens and calling this picture a missing link. . . .
Ridiculous and stupid. What conspiracy?
Yes, God did it.
People like you make me sick because of ignorance. What the $)(
Are you talking about idiots?
Before you reply to an interesting story, think first. ok.
Suppose there is a conspiracy.
What is the hidden truth from us and why.
Maybe this dinosaur was the ancestor of today\'s oil field?
Is it an alien pet who escaped when landing?
Maybe the alien crew is separated, but can\'t find the way home because there is not enough food to eat?
Justin, this is not a missing link.
Why when CNN published an article about physics, no Christian fundamentalist came out to play.
But when there is an article. . . any article. . .
Everyone comes out of hiding about evolution.
Driving me crazy!
Paul, do some research before you say this nonsense.
We don\'t call them missing links anymore, we call them transitional.
A good example of a transition form recently discovered is Tiktaalik. Look it up.
Moorejw, if he was the kind of person who would look up, he wouldn\'t be the kind of person who made this crap in the first place.
Not just ignorance, but willful ignorance.
Because it is an option, not a condition, there is not much evidence to cure it.
For a scientist, this is just another lame strategy to try to attract \"money\" for his most recent vacation to a warm, sunny spot so he can dig another hole.
It\'s ridiculous to waste time and money.
Money from others.
When you grow up, find a real job and create something for the society.
You are not aware of many scientists.
I mean, the percentage of a lot of people is very high)
Think of science as a way to explain God.
Our little brain doesn\'t know how to describe him, so we turn to science to study his creation.
God is not separate from science.
The fundamental creatives and the fundamental evolutionary ones are all wrong.
The fact is between the two.
How do you prove the existence of God?
Mountain by showing evidence of existence.
The Atom was created by God.
It was created by God.
Black holes are created by God.
He\'s starting to do everything we know.
Now that humans have evolved, we can finally begin to see God\'s work from a scientific perspective.
How can you prove that atoms come from God, not unicorns?
Does the Christian Bible say that God created atoms and quark?
Do you know who wrote the Five Classics?
According to biblical scholars, find out who wrote your Bible and where its foundation came from.
We found a missing link with Dolph here!
He is the missing connection between the absurd and morronis. I don\'t agree with your explanation of my process, 1 because I\'m there and 2 because your brain is small.
I don\'t believe this is accurate.
The latest statistics I \'ve seen show that about 80% of scientists don\'t believe in God.
If it is not an atheist, it is not important that scientists are largely agnostic.
The desire to explain the tactile and ethereal world comes from the same tendencies as religion.
Despite our efforts, we will never really understand the reality. We will always lag behind the 100 seconds of the times.
In the final analysis, human existence is to say that his existence is determined by biology.
Is this a relative of honey badger?
Dolph, you are under the illusion of God. Insanity.
To a large extent
I laughed when people lied about scientists who believed in God.
There is no debate in the scientific community.
It exists only in the minds of the delusional creatives who refuse to accept the absurdity of their fairy tale beliefs.
Nick, look up at \"five roads to Thomas Aquinas \".
This is just the beginning.
OK, let\'s exclude s. e. x. Yeah Nick.
Find someone who has written great \"medieval\" jebus self-help books.
You can\'t beat old Aquinas. . . well. . .
You can find the date of the end of the world with that crazy old Newton. @Dolph. . . .
Science does not try to explain God, nor does it even explain the existence of supernatural beings.
It tries to explain and understand the natural world and universe around us by observing, associating and experimenting.
Indeed, many scientists, including Isaac Newton, have tried to better understand God by understanding his creation.
The point is that all these disputes revolve around what we don\'t know about the world.
As for the Bible, it is a guide to social behavior.
This is not a geography book, nor is it a biology book.
It does not describe every generation between Adam and Jesus.
In fact, Jesus described in the New Testament has three different ancestors.
Bottom line: There have been a lot of things that have not been mentioned in the Bible over the last few thousand years.
There is a truth (
Multiple lines do not arrive). Our God-
The given wisdom tells us one thing, a book written by pious people, but the ignorant tells us another thing.
We must remain open and continue to reconcile differences between faith and science.
What don\'t we know yet?
What \"dispute \"?
This is actually not a dispute, there is no dispute in the scientific literature. At all.
This is not even a past question.
The theory of creation is so completely untenable that this \"evolutionary theory of creation\" debate only takes place among ordinary people, because people\'s education on this issue is very poor, so crazy to expose the statement, for example, Behe\'s argument for \"The complexity of irrigation\" continues to spread among uneducated people.
This is not a fair discussion, it is equal to the negation of relativity, plate theory or atomism. (
As it happens, some people do deny the theory of relativity. . .
And creatives who deny plate structure. .
But in general, people seem to have no problem with atoms)
The madmen will still say there is controversy, there is debate, but in fact, there is no.
There is no debate, no controversy, evolution is fully supported, creationism is totally untenable, it\'s just that some educated people in this area try to deal with people who will never be persuaded.
No matter how many peer-reviewed journal articles I have published on this topic, or list any number of transitional fossils, or debunking the same tired fabricated arguments that have been supported by creatives since 1960 and 70 centuries, no one will argue with people who do not accept scientific research as scientific evidence.
This is not a real debate.
This means equality between the two sides. . .
Science is only a one-sided slaughter of dogma.
Dolph, the only problem you\'re talking about is that you \'ve been using \"him\" and \"him\" as if he\'s human.
This is self, not God.
God may have created it all, but I can assure you that it is not a man, he, he or male.
You should call God or it \".
Black holes have not been scientifically proven to exist, they are only based on the hypothetical theory of Einstein\'s work.
It is true about them, just as it is true about God.
Black hole God = 0 proofSheesh, I thought God would correct your mistake in this matter, but it is clear that even I have to talk to you.
Although the black hole has not been discovered, it has been inferred from thousands of data.
We know the upper mass limit for super dense stars, and we know there are objects that are larger than the mass at the center of the Galaxy. . .
Objects with almost the same physical properties as the \"black hole\" I described at work. So. . .
Black holes are more likely to exist than God.
Wait, so when the atom is created, who is that post about there? Look out! ! !
Charlie Xin is starting to rock again! ! ! ! !
How do you know the truth is in?
Perhaps science and religion are totally wrong, and there is nothing between them.
Maybe God is an idea too simple to explain the hole that science has not or may never be able to explain.
Perhaps we have just discovered the surface of the laws of physics and science and will experience an infinite paradigm shift in kuhin.
Another failed attempt to prove evolution! ! !
When I show a person the closely related pharmaceutical molecules I synthesize, if this person who knows nothing about how these molecules are produced tells others that this is proof of evolution, would you call it human?
Not sure. Only that.
But you seem to have been consuming some of the compounds you have synthesized. What?
I\'m sorry, it makes no sense for you to abuse Anfei\'s life to make you incoherent.
You really should stop drug abuse until your brain can\'t be repaired.
Otherwise, you\'ll be stuck in \"Sheenz Korner\" for the rest of your life, trust me, it\'s not an interesting place if you don\'t have millions of dollars. . .
No one is trying to \"prove evolution \".
Rational thinking asked, \"How did this happen ? \"
\"The evolution that you are talking about in a broad sense is what they have discovered.
There is a difference between discovery and invention.
Evolution is what we find, not what we create.
Really, it\'s the exact opposite of religion.
No one is trying to \"prove evolution \".
Rational thinking asked, \"How did this happen ? \"
\"The evolution that you are talking about in a broad sense is what they have discovered.
There is a difference between discovery and invention.
Evolution is what we find, not what we create.
Contrary to religion.
In my training as an organic synthetic chemist, I learned that there is a difference between evolution and pure synthetic chemistry.
Maybe you weren\'t there that month-or took one of these synthetic products.
Only in this way can your statement be incoherent.
What do you want to tell us?
Be careful Evan, they are intellectuals here and they will want to put the sand on your hair and call the shoes \"look stupid \". Thomas Hunt Morgan died in 1945.
When was the double helix of DNA discovered?
Antibiotic resistance Bactieria?
You might as well quote Newton\'s point of view on Einstein\'s theory of relativity.
In Su Sumu Ono\'s concept of the pananimalia genome of the train, he talked about the diversity that has been produced in the outbreak of the train.
This is the so-called point evolution.
Why don\'t you take the work of the dead out of context?
You might as well take out the Bible and give it a beating.
It is called debunking by peer-reviewed research. . .
I bet you call it a conspiracy.
You can study the fish of Ensatina salamander or continue to read the Bible.
It seems that your post is more about me than about reality. . .
You have a lot in common with your God.
I think we are all atheists.
I believe only one God less than you.
When you understand why you are firing all the other possible gods, you will understand why I am firing your gods.
\"This blog-just posted-will no longer be updated.
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