cheap and accurate long distance laser level

by:UMeasure     2020-06-17
Overview and parts if you have to buy a laser indicator at a flea market, you may need to spend a dollar or two, but the rest of the material is scrap.
When I build a cabin and figure out how to do this, I happen to have one in the junk drawer.
The most important thing here is skill and a little patience.
You are making a way to hang the laser pointer so that it can rotate and sweep through your corner.
Gravity will take care of others once you have this! You\'ll need -
A laser indicator that can work, preferably a small one that is cheap. -
A piece of about 24 \"2x2 ,-
A few ropes or hemp ropes.
A bit and drill bit capable of about 0.
5 \"holes in 2x2, and-
Some of the methods are to hang the assembled horizontal at a height close to the ground.
Drill a hole around the end of 24 inch 2x2.
Drill a slightly tapered hole near the other end for the size of the laser indicator so that the pointer is inserted into it.
Most of these small laser pointers come from the same factory, about. 5\" diameter.
The hole should be as vertical as possible, but it is not necessarily perfect.
It must be just right that when the laser pointer is pressed into the hole, it will hold it comfortably while pressing the switch to turn it on.
This may take several attempts.
In order to make the hole slightly thinner, just drill a drill and then slowly move the running drill bit and dig the hole a little more at one end.
Take the time to continue testing if the pointer is appropriate.
You end up getting the right size if you don\'t hurry up.
It only takes a few minutes, though.
Tie the rope to the end of the rope of 2x2 so that 2x2 can rotate on it without shaking too much, and hang the level roughly around the center of the work area where you have nailed the corner.
The bottom of the level should be close to the ground, but above any obstacle, so there is a line of sight from the level to the stake.
The level can be hung on anything that allows the level to spin freely without hindering the line of sight from the level to the bet.
A shovel is stuck very firmly on the ground at one angle, and even the other pile is banging at one angle.
Then tie the rope to the handle.
In this photo, I used an awesome Altas sound microphone stand for the 1950s S as it was laying around. Woohoo.
It is important that no matter where the suspension is, do not move when doing the next step, so make it very strong and avoid hitting it.
If it moves, you have to redo the next step for all the bets.
This usually works best when the light is low or even dark, but once you insert the laser indicator into the cone hole of the body and rotate it, it swings a bit, however, the laser will continue to sweep shares in lower and lower places.
Mark the highest and lowest points.
You may want to do this several times in order to be confident of getting a consistent score.
Split mark-
Measure the distance and then Mark half the distance between them.
This is your relative level.
The actual distance from grade is not important.
It is important that it will be consistent with the relative level mark on all other bets.
Repeat this for each pile.
No matter where you want your horizontal line, just measure the up and down distance of the relative horizontal line on each pile and mark it out and tie it there and you can dig.
You just made your own laser level for about a dollar!
By the way, if you have questions about the accuracy of this rig, run a test and compare it to a luxury rental rig.
It\'s close enough for a backyard pool or shed.
If you are building a house, skyscraper or Hoover Dam, rent a luxury apartment. :^)
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