celebrity flora set to offer plenty to fawn over

by:UMeasure     2020-04-08
You probably know Celebrity Cruises Best.
Cruise ships to Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe and beyond.
Celebrity boats are the most elegant --
Ships designed around, with lots of premium touch and big-
The pleasure of the boat, wrapped in a bag, is elegant and affordable.
For more than a decade, however, celebrities have come up with a very unique departure from their winning formula: small-
Expedition boat
Cruise 100 to Galapagos Islands
Guests of Celebrity xpetion.
It is a hidden gem in the celebrity fleet;
Take the advanced cruising style of the line to one of the most eco-efficient places
Different places on Earth.
The presence of celebrities in Galapagos may not be very good.
It takes much longer to keep secrets.
The line recently announced an ambitious plan to build a brand new cruise ship for adventure cruises in the Galapagos Islands.
Known as the Celebrity Flora, this 100-
Passenger ships will usher in a brand new category of ships for Celebrity Cruises and open up new options for past celebrity guests and those who want to travel to Galapagos cruises.
Lisa Lutoff said: \"Celebrity Flora marks another example of our revolutionary ship design by allowing destinations and their environment to influence every decision we make --\"
Perlo, President and CEO of celebrity cruise lines.
\"All from luxury
Suite accommodation to industryfirst, eco-
Friendly innovation, we have created a ship that brings new levels of luxury, sustainability and natural exploration to the region.
\"Celebrity Flora will take turns sailing for a week --
Long \"inside\" and \"outside\" ring cruises to the Galapagos Islands create the possibility for returnto-back 14-
The day\'s trip through the island was almost repeated by no port.
Designed for the Galapagos Islands, this ship will have huge floorsto-
Ceiling windows in most public rooms and cabins.
The ship outward --
The design on the front ensures that these islands will never be seen, and celebrities add some really cool technical features to the ship, like an anchor-free positioning system, it allows the vessel to stay in one place without using potentially damaged anchors;
Star viewing platform; in-
Room water filtration stations that eliminate demand for plastic bottled water; and eco-
Friendly engines that reduce fuel consumption and emissions at the same time.
\"We are very pleased with the decision of the celebrity cruise company to build a cutting cruise --
Edge technology is designed specifically to operate around our beautiful island, \"said Enrique ponse de Leon, Ecuador\'s tourism minister.
\"Celebrity Flora will undoubtedly mark a very important milestone in the development of tourism in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands,
Tourism quality and sustainable development.
\"Except for all kinds of on-
Celebrity Flora will be equipped with board lectures and educational programs
It is equipped with boarding docks loaded with three Zodiac rafts at the same time.
This will greatly reduce the shipping time from the ship and allow guests to spend more time on shore.
Guests of the Galapagos Islands will enjoy the full adventure plan.
Back on board, Celebrity Flora will set up a lounge and display center in the Galapagos Islands dedicated to historical, wildlife and conservation projects. A glass-
The closed observation lounge, known as the Observatory, will allow guests to enjoy the island from the heights of the ship, or to sit outdoors on Vista, an open-
Air lounge with 360-
Degree and private cottage.
Building a new operating ship in Galapagos is not an easy task.
The area is one of the world\'s most regulated cruise destinations, everything
All the way to the food on board and the crew who provided the food
With a few exceptions, procurement must be made from Ecuador.
Many cruise lines operating in the region simply purchased an old ship already operating in Galapagos and renamed it.
The celebrity is creating one from the ground.
It is very worthwhile to celebrate with Ecuador\'s partners.
The early renderings I saw about the ship looked amazing.
Celebrities may be famous for their great fame.
Cruise to well
But the new announcement has also made it a strong contender for the high-end adventure cruise market.
Celebrity Flora will begin her maiden voyage on May 29, 2019.
Reservations are open.
This is a ship that is almost guaranteed to be sold out soon. Happy cruising.
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