Can laser rangefinder be used in automobile anti-collision mechanism?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-21
Cars are already the most basic means of transportation in our daily life. Since cars are driven by people rather than by themselves, accidents will inevitably occur. How can we minimize the risk of accidents when we travel? Recently, researchers suddenly wanted to know whether laser rangefinders could be used to develop anti-collision devices for automobiles. The driving vehicle can sense the front and rear distance and brake automatically. The driver can receive the traffic flow information of each road in time and choose the route at the first time. Traffic lights can be adjusted according to flow changes. Buses will be intelligently dispatched, and people and other buses will no longer be in a hurry to wait. . . This sounds far away from us, but with the development and application of Internet of Things technology in the field of transportation, the anti-collision mechanism of laser rangefinder vehicles will become a reality. In the field of transportation, using the Internet of Things technology of 'perceiving things', traffic problems will be handled faster and 'intelligent transportation' will be realized '. At the end of 2009, the Chinese Academy of Engineering launched a major consulting project 'internet of things and its application in important fields '. Academician Zhong Zhihua, president of Hunan University, undertook the research work of the sub-topic of 'the application of the internet of things in Transportation'. According to the introduction, in order to develop the internet of things, it is necessary to set up 'identity cards' for traffic elements ', to build identity recognition for traffic elements, use laser range finder to connect its unique identification code to the identity authentication system, and then carry out intelligent analysis and processing of the system, so as to realize the supervision, coordinated control and service of traffic elements. Traffic safety has always been an area that the country pays more attention to. However, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the purchasing power of vehicles is continuously increasing, the number of vehicles is increasing year by year, and roads are inevitably crowded, traffic accidents occur frequently. If the anti-collision mechanism of laser rangefinder is applied to traffic management, the incidence of traffic accidents can be effectively controlled.
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