ban handheld lasers, says pilots association president

by:UMeasure     2020-04-16
WantsOttawa, head of the Air Canada Pilots Association, put handheld lasers on the list of prohibited weapons.
This will enable police and border agencies to seize equipment that is increasingly being used to target crew members in Canadian airspace. Ian Smith says.
The study found that the laser strike on the pilot may not cause permanent eye damage, and the pilot\'s complaint report on the blinding laser pen showed that the number of crew members increased by 590.
Federal data show that last year, the Canadian Transport Department was hit by a laser attack, up more than 17 percentage points from 2014.
More than three-
Since 2009, the Ottawa Civil Aviation Daily incident reporting system has recorded approximately 120 such reports, doubling.
These numbers prove that public education is not working, Smith told CBC News.
\"Most attacks . . . . . . Usually at the critical stage of what we call flight --
\"Takeoff mode and landing mode,\" said the chairman of the pilot association . \".
\"If the education process [is]
Then I think it will only take us another way.
\"This is the criminal justice system,\" he said. 5-
One year in prison, $100 K finePolice said criminal proceedings (including with life-threatening) were committed by the criminal couldface.
There are also separate penalties under air law, up to five
A one-year sentence and a fine of up to $100,000.
It is not clear how many people have been caught in the past year.
Peel Regional Police, including Toronto
Statistics are not available at the areparson airport.
Smith said that there may be a small number of people who have targeted the aircraft, but most of the events occurred during the landing and take-off of the aircraft, indicating that the aircraft is usually intentional.
Green lasers seem to be the most popular, Smith said.
They are also the most distracting for pilots because the eyes absorb more light of this color. \"These [lasers are]
\"It\'s a little more complicated in nature,\" he said . \".
\"Many of them bought and imported to Canada through the Internet.
\"A more powerful laser indicator puts pilots and passengers at risk.
\"After Dark, a beam focusing on the cockpit of the aircraft causes different levels of visual problems for the flight crew,\" Const.
Rachel Gibbs said in an email. \"And [it]
It may affect their ability to operate aircraft safely.
\"This is what happened in New York on Sunday --
According to The Guardian, a plane flying to the UK returned to the UK after being targeted by a laser, and one of the crew felt sick.
Smith said it was difficult for the police to catch people, mainly because investigators relied on the crew to determine the source of the beam --
The crew\'s vision may be affected by light.
The experienced pilot, on a flight to Toronto, was temporarily injured by the sight of a crew member who himself experienced a laser attack.
Smith had to control the landing.
\"When I look at him, I can see the green light reflected on the cockpit window,\" Smith said . \".
He looked at me and said. . .
\"I can\'t see clearly in my right eye.
Smith said he hoped the ban would limit the number of lasers entering Canada.
\"We can\'t do it any more, because when we fly, there are 200 people behind us --
\"Innocent people,\" said Smith.
\"You can\'t just slap someone on the wrist and send him home.
\"It doesn\'t work.
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