baeumler: building forms, footings, fir and fish

by:UMeasure     2020-04-06
As long as I can remember, it was my dream to build my own cottage.
But it seems to me that this is a much smaller, simpler effort than it was.
Compared to the modern building I designed on the Canadian Shield, it is relatively easy to build a house in the city and can only be reached by water.
Sarah used to be-
With the property and the wooden board designed, the pier went in. We loaded the tools and walked north for a summer.
This is a learning experience from the first day.
Once you get the building permit, the first step is to bring the surveyor to the pin (Positioning and marking)
Your building will go to the corner so you can dig the foundation and foundation.
Most of the city\'s attractions have been cleaned up.
But there are a few trees in the North that need to move and finding a level becomes a daydream, which makes everything complicated --
Measurement, cleanup and excavation are included.
We were lucky to nail the foundation twice. . .
But this is another story.
It is easy to dig the base foot in the soil;
Set the laser height and dig into the appropriate depth to create a beautiful plane with the shapes and steel bars on top.
When you install the base on uneven rocks, this means that you have to drill holes and install steel bars to maintain the position of the base, in order to adapt to the outline of the Rock and sit in a horizontal position, each form must be described.
This also means that there are many steps on the base to reduce the amount of concrete we need to use
Because the concrete truck is not floating!
Setting up a rotating laser level in the field and constantly referencing the level line is essential to ensure that we finally get a level foundation.
That means a lot of extra work.
It usually takes two days to form and dump the footsteps in the woods that will take nearly a week, and Mother Nature does not fully cooperateOperate with us.
When the Foundation was formed and poured, I was more than a week behind --
Adding 500 square feet to the design does not help me catch up.
When the concrete is cured, the form falls off and the string comes out.
During the dumping process, the base foot moves a little bit, so it is important to refer to your pin position and the alignment line on the base foot to tell you the exact location of the base Wall (
In our case)
You should sit down and keep your building straight and square.
Then there is a pile of wood (
A little dissatisfied)
Masons. . .
The more steps the base foot has, the more cut and peace you need to set the block.
For us, either more mixing and pouring or more cutting. (
It\'s strange that we won. )
As the bricklayers advance along the wall, we fight the fir Woodman.
Imagine 2 by 4, 8 inch by 12 inch and 38 feet long, made of heavier wood.
You can\'t throw these things on your shoulders and drag them up the hill
Due to the uneven terrain, the mechanical also has its limitations.
The height of our pillars is from 6 inch to 6 feet-
Getting all the correct heights means finding the height of the finished floor, subtracting the thickness of the entire floor package, and referring to our laser line to measure and cut the pillars.
After the pipe was installed in place, we started to negotiate with the girder sitting on the top and supporting the floor package.
At the end of the day, the appearance of the timber Foundation is definitely worth extra complaints and groaning --
The concrete poured doesn\'t have the same charm, I only plan to build this place once!
Things get a little simpler, but once the block base is done, we \"go out of the hole\" and it\'s no longer comfortable.
\"The floor was wrapped up on the barge and arrived, looking much bigger than expected, and the blackflies went out all out.
Surprisingly, how much blood will you lose before fainting
I think I even underestimated the scope of the framework for this place. With the flat-
The roof design, the snow load is much larger, which means that there is more support in the form of LVL beams and PSL columns.
Although it was the first huge apartment
I am in a roof cabin on a wood foundation I built, once the frame bag arrives, the nail gun is loaded, it is as normal as usual, I secretly hope (
And push guys)
Make up a little bit of time at the framework stage.
I found that there was nothing to maintain this momentum more than shaking in front of a group of hungry people to have a fresh fish dinner.
The floor parcels fly together and the walls start to rise
But not smooth sailing.
Because the apartment-
The roof design, the entire front wall of the cabin is glass and requires quite a few laminated LVL beams to be installed on top of the wall, which makes most of them very heavy.
It turns out that raising the roof is the next challenge for us to slow down.
When you work in remote areas and play with heavy wood and engineered wood, it\'s better to take the time to figure out the simplest and safest procedures than to stick to the schedule.
At every stage of this building I hope it will be easier but never done so!
In retrospect, even with all our machines and modern tools, it made me more respectful of the workload of transporting and building everything by hand in the past.
At least we don\'t have to grind the wood ourselves.
Bryan Baeumler is the host left to Bryan on Thursday at 10. m.
Brian\'s house: on the rocks at 8 on Friday nightm.
His column appears every two weeks in new homes and apartments.
You can contact him through his website baeumler.
Or follow him on Facebook or Twitter @ bryan_baeumler.
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