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Information about art fat carving and PhD
Dr.Mr. Su brings together the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment to provide his patients with the best possible fat sculpture effect.You can make sure that there are no safer, gentler, faster treatments or smoother results using other techniques.At the art fat carving center, they combine local anesthesia, VASER and smart lipo.Their patients can usually drive to our office on the same day and go home on their own.Patients are numb only in areas where fat is removed, so they are very awake and do not need general anesthesia.
Use VASER to gently melt fat before suction, with little damage to nerves or blood vessels, which is why with the traditional 1-2 weeks.Typical patients return to sedentary work the next day.
The beauty effect that art fat carving technology may bring is better than the traditional liposuction because the fat melts (instead of cutting ).Since patients are awake, they can stand up and evaluate themselves during surgery in order to see the smallest uneven area (which is not possible during general anesthesia ).
Finally, the revolutionary intelligent LIPO laser passed to Dr.Su\'s ability to tighten the skin, otherwise the skin will remain loose.This is critical for many female patients with post-pregnancy abdominal stretch marks and loosening.This tightening effect is also very beneficial in areas with loose skin on the neck and arms.Of course, the most important factor in determining good results is the ability of surgeons to perform surgery.Dr.Thanks to his artistic eyes and hands, as well as the perfection of his uncompromising nature, Su Wei\'s ability to carve the body is superior.
Who is the qualification for liposuction?
Most people in good health are reasonable candidates for liposuction.The weight is stable and, despite diet and exercise, people who still cannot remove unwanted fat areas.In fact, many people with normal weight have fat pockets that seem to never go away, including handlove handles, the outside of the thigh, the male chest, and the chin area.These people may be ideal candidates.
Other moderately overweight people may have larger local areas around their midsection or thighs, which may benefit significantly by removing them.Unfortunately, people who are overweight are not usually good candidates.Liposuction should not be considered as a replacement or method to achieve overall weight loss.
Skin color is also a factor in determining a good candidate.Removal of smaller fat pockets usually does not affect skin tone.However, when a thicker fat pocket is removed, or when starting with loose skin, there may be some loose skin after that.
The smart Lipo laser helps tighten the skin, but in all cases there is no ability to overcome skin slack.Dr.Sue will give his best estimate of what is expected in a free consultation.As with all cosmetic surgeries, the patient\'s expectations and results of delivery must match the patient\'s satisfaction.That\'s why it\'s necessary to consult a doctor on a one-on-one basis.Meet your specific needs.
What parts of the body can be carried out liposuction?
Almost all areas of the body\'s surface fat can be fatalized.Areas that Dr.

Potential patients will receive free consultation to identify areas that need treatment and to estimate what results can be obtained, including skin quality.Medical history will be reviewed and some preoperative examinations may be required by candidates.Need to stop any blood dilution drugs or vitamins (including-Aspirin, ibuprofen, bolivi, citrotin, vitamin E ).Smoking and excessive drinking should be avoided.On the day of the operation, a prescription can be prescribed to relieve anxiety or pain.Pre-operative medication included antibiotics and an optional mild set-up.
What procedures are involved in liposuction?
A small cut will be made (1/4/4mm in size) and the instrument will be in contact with fat through the cut.These are usually placed in inconspicuous places.For example, to complete the entire abdomen, two cuts are required on or off the bikini line.After that, the patient will experience 4 basic steps in each area.
1.Through the incision site, infusion of local anesthetic (swelling) solution using long fine casing.
2.Ultrasonic melting of VASER.
3.Suck from melted fat with a smooth edge sleeve.
4.Perform a SmartLipo laser for a predetermined area for a skin area that may have slack.

The incision site allows drainage of the remaining swelling solutions, which will be in the following 3-7 days.The site will close itself without stitches or steristrips.Some of the remaining fluid in the tissue is absorbed by the normal process of the body over the next week.
In order to promote liquid drainage and to fix the healing tissue together, wear compression/support clothing in the treated area.Two clothes on-5 weeks depending on the situation.It is recommended that someone stay with you for the first 24 hours.As long as the patient does not take the dose during the procedure, they can drive home.The next day, they may return to a relaxed job and do more physical activity when allowed (usually within a week.Most patients only need Tylenol when they are not timely after surgery.Typically 3-4 Follow-up after surgeryUps is the schedule after the program.

Liposuction was developed at 1970 µs and was initially performed on patients under general anesthesia using a large drilling suction device (casing.This requires the patient to be hospitalized or a larger outpatient surgery center under the supervision of the surgeon and the anesthetist.The edge of the sleeve used in this method is rough or sharp, because it is not enough to pull the fat out by suction alone.These sleeves actually absorb and cut small pieces of fat, and inevitably also cut blood vessels, nerves, and connecting tissues.This method is still used frequently by plastic surgeons today and usually results in 1-Obvious pain and bruises for 2 weeks.Stay overnight sometimes.Fortunately, it is known as the major progress of expansion technology.
In 1987, American dermatologists developed a technique known as the swelling technique, which uses a local anesthetic mixed with saline to inject the area to be treated when the patient is awake.This leads to the patient avoiding the need for general anesthesia, which is the most common factor in the complications of cosmetic surgery.As a result, patients are able to travel to and from their surgery on the same day of the operation, with little or no calming drugs.Bleeding and bruises are also significantly reduced due to this technique.One of the main benefits of the swelling technique liposuction is that due to the lack of general anesthesia and the subsequent complex monitoring, it can be done in a small office surgical kit.
Not all swelling liposuction techniques are the same.Cosmetic Results and damage to tissue other than fat still depend on the casing used to remove fat.Many doctors who do swelling technique liposuction still rely on suction with sharp sleeves, which leads to more pain and bruises.The development of VASER and smart lipo was used in conjunction with the swelling technique, bringing the fat resection to a more advanced level.

VASER of sound surgery technology is a system used to melt fat tissue before pumping fat tissue from the body.The VASER instrument consists of an ultrasonic hand-Wand, used internally to melt fat once the area is under local anesthesia.The wand is visually similar to the conventional suction sleeve, but there is no suction and no sharp edges.With 10-After 20 minutes of blood transfusion, the fat is fully melted and gently removed with a smooth edge suction sleeve.
The VASER device selectively melts fat cells easily, while having little damage to blood vessels, nerves, or connecting tissues.This VASER selective combination, using a smooth edge sleeve, can remove fat almost completely and effectively, with minimal damage to the connected tissues, blood vessels and nerves that we want to preserve.Patients who use VASER System liposuction usually have little bleeding or bruising and can go back to work the next day.Some temporary nerve injuries do occur, but they are also small compared to conventional liposuction techniques.

Smart Lipo of Cynosure is a laser that is used to assist in fat sculpture or small areas that independently perform fat sculpture.This laser device, which uses fiber optic cables, is mounted in very thin sleeves, effectively melting the fat, similar in diameter to angel hair pasta.
The smart Lipo laser can be used in a way similar to the VASER System, melting the fat before pumping it.It also holds the required tissues (blood vessels, nerves, connecting tissues) well ).Due to the slow speed of this laser melting, it is not suitable for independent liposuction on large area fat.
The main benefit of the smart Lipo laser is that it provides the ability of conventional technology or VASER to tighten and tighten the skin that is not available.The tightening effect on the skin is the result of the contraction of collagen, and more importantly, the formation of new collagen (neocollagenesis), which is the reaction of the skin to laser heating.The tightening effect is in the next 3-6 months.
Other benefits that may be very significant are improvements in fat mass and stretch marks, which often do not respond to most treatments.In most casesSu uses the smart Lipo laser as the last step to tighten the skin only in specific areas that need to tighten the skin.
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