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by:UMeasure     2020-03-30
Fundamental changes are taking place in scanning technology.
New imaging scanning engines such as linear imaging and 2D imaging are more effective and reliable than laser scanning engines.
It also allows the scan engine to link to various types of devices.
Which technology is suitable for handheld scanners?
The laser index believes that the laser is better, while imaging supporters show off its extraordinary importance, reliability and versatility.
How do I choose the right scanner for the app?
Follow this guide.
Linear ImagersA charge coupler (CCD)
Is the basic technology of linear imaging.
The CCD captures the various levels of light reflected from the bar and space of the bar code and converts it into a video signal.
Linear imagers use self-light sources, low
Durable LEDs for power (LEDs)
It always keeps the lights on.
It does not require triggers in order to save power.
Because of its firmness-
Linear imagers are more reliable than laser scanners.
In order to scan the barcode, the linear imager lights up the barcode with an LED and uses the lens to focus its image on the CCD assembly.
The peak and trough of the signal are then detected and the barcode data is obtained using the decoding algorithm. The analog-to-
The digital converter of the scanner and processor software performs this task, and its speed depends on the speed of the processor and the ability of the software.
The maker of modern times
To increase speed and success, day linear imagers adopts advanced methods of scanning video signals and unique decoding hardware/software.
Faster scanning speeds and fast processors help linear imagers easily scan cheap laminated barcodes.
Laser scanners they scan the bar code with a laser combined with an oscillating mirror, which automatically transmits the beam back and forth through the bar code.
For different scanning systems, different configurations of laser engines can be provided.
The laser scanner has a high scanning range and can read data from 35 feet away.
The laser can be fixed on a small beam.
Since the light is coherent, the beam does not extend to a given distance.
Therefore, its diameter will remain small enough to cover the wide and fine bars of the barcode in different scansranges.
But the laser is more expensive than the linear imaging device.
The oscillating mirror shifts over time, affecting the quality of the scan.
The eye will be affected by it.
Energy laser.
Both the laser and the linear illuminator provide handheld and static models.
The scanning speed of the handheld device is 35-
300 times/second.
Run at a static scan speed of 600-
1800 times/second, read quickly before the item crosses the scan area.
Scanning technology is appropriate for reading linear bar codes.
The scanner should be selected according to the scan app-
Scanning range, bar code conditions, working atmosphere-
Performance and expenditure. Scan-
If the distance is less than 18 inch, the distance linear camera will be the best choice, otherwise the laser is better.
The type of barcode scanning technology can scan common groups of barcode symbols including EAN/UPC, Code 39, and code 128.
The nearest linear imaging device has the best scanning effect in areas with high code density
Size between 2 to 5 mil and X-
The size is between 10 and 20 mil, and the code width is as high as 8 inch of these barcodes.
The conditions of BarcodeLinear imagers can scan the barcode very well with poor quality, fading, damage and lamination.
Their fast scan rate engine enables them to scan this barcode and decode complex video signal data.
In different working environments than lasers, linear imagers are solid
There is no state of any variable parts, so they are more reliable.
However, whether it is appropriate depends on its shell.
For retail applications, the standard ABS plastic case is durable enough and harder
The warehouse app needs to wear a shell.
Linear imagers help when you have to configure many devices with a barcode.
Instead of printing the output, you can scan the barcode series directly from your computer screen.
When any scanner scans the code, its performance can be scanned according to its cleanliness-
Scope and defined scan area.
The linear imaging device performs very well in its scanning range.
The average scan rate is 100 times/second, but excellent scanners can provide up to 800 times/second scans.
When the nose of the scanner comes into contact with the bar code, some linear imagers can be scanned for the plane.
For curved, Long
The scope is good.
Someone else has a scan.
The range of 2 inch long
The distance can be read from 18 inch.
You should be careful with the scan line when scanningrange reduces.
For the laser scanner, the laser line marks it.
Since the linear imaging device depends on the light of the led, it is difficult to determine the scan line during scanning
The range of increases or uses in direct sunlight.
Other scanning technology CMOS sensor active pixel CMOS sensor (APS)
It is a new type of sensor that replaces the CCD used in recent linear imaging.
It connects the digital signal and the light detector into an ASIC.
Linear imagers with APS sensors have the same functionality as CCD sensors, but these are smaller, more reliable and require less power.
They scan two 2D images.
It is processed using a modern decoding algorithm.
It offers a full range
Directional scanning of linear bar codes. CCD or highly-
The developed CMOS technology can be integrated into 2D imagers.
The power consumption of CMOS is very low, and the performance is also very good. CMOS-
Built-in 2Dimagers are suitable for transferable data collection in warehouse, manufacturing and retail applications where replacing or charging batteries reduces productivity for working hours.
No line is required for RFID radio frequency identification
Visual scanning like a bar code.
RFID chip includes an application
Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC).
ASIC is an active mobile database that can be written or read at every stage of the supply chain.
RFID reads and collects data from RFID tags that can be connected to anything at a faster rate.
Due to the difficulty of forging, RFID is very safe.
Now, this technology is a complement to bar codes, but it has the ability to replace bar codes in applications.
In the near future, barcode scanners and RFID indices will help staff to use both technologies on one device.
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