Application of laser ranging in military parade village

by:UMeasure     2020-04-21
The 'Eleventh' national day parade is approaching, and laser ranging plays a great role in the airborne phalanx in the parade team. In the past, the assessment of individual queue movements was 'terminated' by the traditional method of laying sand, digging sand pits, stepping on footprints to measure stride, pulling wires or measuring height with rulers '. People always like to use 'generation' to evaluate the advanced level of weapons and equipment. In terms of 'generation', the auxiliary equipment for military parade training of our army has developed to the fourth generation: Laser, TV speed measurement and ranging and automatic timing device. From the observation of human eyes in the past to laser, TV ranging and calibration, from card stopwatch to real-time and accurate automatic recording, in the past, manual monitoring and evaluation methods are also being replaced by modern photoelectric evaluation equipment. 'Start! 'At the command, the chariot rumbled forward. The reporter followed the Navy anti-ship missile equipment team to interview and opened his eyes: more than 60 kinds of 'intelligent' auxiliary training equipment such as laser rangefinder, GPS speedometer and throttle limiter were installed in different parts of the vehicle, it is used for subject training such as constant speed of bicycle, standard alignment of single vehicle, equal distance of reference Road and standard alignment of single row surface. '0. 3 seconds, in the blink of an eye, the excellent and failed grades were identified. 'Party commissar Luo Guolin said that such accuracy can only be measured by laser. In the process of driving, the driver only needs to quickly browse the auxiliary training equipment such as card distance, riding line and marking, and the goal of 'no mistake in every minute and no mistake' can be achieved. 'Every training trip can master the training results in real time; According to the monitoring data, it can be adjusted in time. In this way, efficiency will be official ',' Network Forum ',' Laser Ranging '. . . . . . A new term for modern technology has attracted the attention of reporters. Advanced training concepts, methods and means make military parade training full of 'technical content '. Science and technology training, science and technology to strengthen the army, for today's military parade training to speed up efficiency. This is the symphony of strength and wisdom, and the Concerto of science and technology.
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