Application of laser range finder in Decoration Engineering

by:UMeasure     2020-04-21
1. 5mm accuracy, 200 m range, 3-year warranty, ranging and height measurement area Volume, plus or minus continuous availability-- This is the excellent performance of PD series rangefinder with ultra-small fuselage! ! PD series hand-held laser rangefinder is a high-precision hand-held measuring product newly developed by Hilti company. High technology meets the requirements of your basic measuring work, and new technology makes you no longer think that carrying tools is cumbersome. This product can be widely used in many fields such as interior decoration, real estate measurement, traffic accident investigation, engineering supervision, etc! PD30 hand-held laser rangefinder can quickly carry out ranging, and the function of adding and subtracting cumulatively can quickly calculate the required line length, the automatic area of two ranging, the automatic volume of three ranging, the automatic selection and storage of the maximum and minimum values, and the automatic continuous measurement, can convenient line; Three starting points to cope with all kinds of inconvenience, PD32 has the function of Pythagorean stock height measurement, PD28 can be connected to a computer and store 1000 sets of data! In a few seconds, the room area can be completely calculated, the volume can be calculated, and the materials used can be calculated to facilitate drawing. . . The PD30 laser rangefinder perfectly combines its versatility and portability, and becomes the intimate work partner of designers, engineers and surveyors, and has the reputation of being a ranging master in his pocket, it is a good helper for all kinds of building decoration measurement and construction.
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