xiaomi launches new mi tv models in india, mi band 3 and mi air purifier 2s unveiled too: highlights - laser sensor

by:UMeasure     2020-03-07
xiaomi launches new mi tv models in india, mi band 3 and mi air purifier 2s unveiled too: highlights  -  laser sensor
Xiaomi has put a lot of it
Waiting for smarter life activities in Bangladesh, withRaghu Reddy, head of Xiaomi India category, started with the release of Mi Band 3.
The new Mi Band 3 comes with a 110mAh battery with a battery capacity of up to 20-
Battery life (
60% larger than the predecessor of onits, 0. 78-
Inch OLED screen (
85% bigger than Mi Band 2
, And provide WhatsApp messages and 3-
Weather forecast.
It has a touch button on the screen that provides different functions such as returning to the main menu, rejecting calls, etc.
Like the previous Mi Band, this new model of exercise is a low allergy silicone strap (
Orange, Blue, Black)
And passed the Water certification.
Resistance up to 50-metres.
Of course, the new Mi Band 3 allows users to track their heart rate, the steps taken, sleep and activity levels ---
Everything is accessible from the Mi Fit app.
The price of Mi Band 3 in India has been set at Rs.
1,999, for sale through Amazon starting tomorrow at twelve o'clock P. M. in and Mi. com.
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2s is the next product of the event, with OLED display, smart home integration and "precise" air purification.
The Oled display has the function of automatic brightness adjustment, which can provide information such as pm2. 5.
Level 5 in the House, temperature and humidity levels. The higher-
The fine laser sensor can detect particulate matter 0. 3-
The size is micron, 360-
Three-level filtering.
Its effective cleaning range is 226-
With an area of 398 square feet, work with Alexa and Google Assistant as well as the Mi Home app.
The price is RS. 8,999.
The company has also launched smart luggage and the Internet.
CCTV was connected at the event site.
Mi TV is the biggest product launched in this event, 32-inch, 49-inch, and 55-inch displays.
These three TVs are built on the Android TV platform and have the Patchwall UI to learn user behavior.
Amazon Prime Video will be on the platform soon
First is the new Mi TV model and then the first three models.
Jio cinema, Hooq, is now also visiting Patchwall to love God.
Another major new feature of Xiaomi TV is voice search, which has partnered with Google to achieve voice search in India.
Users only need to click the dedicated Google voice button on Bluetooth
TV remote control enabled.
As for the specs, the new Mi TV has an Amlogic 64-bit quad-
7 core processor
Gen imaging processor, up to 4k video at 60fps, upgrade technology, 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports.
2gb RAM and 8gb storage on Mi led TV 4 Pro, 55-inch (4K resolution)and 49-inch (full-HD resolution)
Display, and 1gb of RAM and 4gb of internal storage on 32-inch (HD resolution)display.
The price of Mi TV 4 Pro is 55-in India-
The inch model is set to Rs.
49,999, and in 49-inch and 32-
Inch model cost Rs. 29,999 and Rs.
14,999 respectively.
Xiaomi has sent a media invitation to the ecosystem.
The focus event earlier this month has since made fun of the many products launched at the event.
According to the forecast, we can expect Chinese tech giants to launch Mi Band 3, new Mi TV models, smart cameras, and perhaps air purifiers in the smart life event.
The Xiaomi event was originally scheduled to start at twelve o'clock P. M. this afternoon, but the live broadcast has not yet started.
It is expected that there will be no smartphones at today's Xiaomi conference.
The company confirmed on Twitter that it will launch up to seven products.
Xiaomi smart life activities will be live online through the official company website.
You can go to watch Xiaomi smart life activities at twelve o'clock P. M.
Alternatively, just click the play button and you can stop around and watch the Xiaomi event in the YouTube video embedded below.
We will also take part in the event and will bring you all the live updates from Xiaomi so you don't miss anything. . embed-container {
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According to the teaser on the email, Mi Band 3 is confirmed to be released exclusively today in Amazon India, India
The website of the retailer.
The landing page displays the upcoming banner and provides a notification button for interested users.
In retrospect, Mi Band 3 sports a 0. 78-
Inch capacitive OLED display panel is much larger than 0 of Mi Band 2. 42-Inch OLED panel.
The Mi Band 3 features the heart
Speed sensor and 3-axis acceleration sensor.
The regular variant of Mi Band 3 is priced at RMB 169 (roughly Rs. 1,800)
NFC in China-
The enabled model is RMB 199 (about Rs. 2,100).
Mi Band 2 was launched in India last year at rupee prices.
1,999, although the price of Indian Mi Band 3 is not known yet.
In addition to the millet bracelet 3, Xiaomi also made fun of other smart home products.
An eye icon is teased, suggesting about 360-
A smart home camera that may be used for monitoring.
A popcorn icon is also shown pointing to the release of another Mi TV variant, and the "air" icon can represent the launch of another product in the company's household or automotive air purification field.
Finally, the location icon was also teased, but the product associated with it is still blurry.
We speculate that this might be a location.
Tracking GPS devices.
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