world's most accurate clock unveiled - most accurate laser measure

by:UMeasure     2019-10-15
world\'s most accurate clock unveiled  -  most accurate laser measure
American scientists say they have made the world's most accurate clock, and its tick rate changes less than two parts in a 1/5, 10 times better than any other clock
Made from ytterbium elements, this clock can be used for technological advances in navigation systems, magnetic fields, and temperature beyond timing.
"The stability of the Ytterbium lattice clock opens the door for a range of exciting high-stability practical applications
"Performance timing," Andrew Ludlow, a physicist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, said in a statement on Thursday. Ludlow is co-
The author of the study revealing the clock.
Although the mechanical clock uses the movement of the pendulum to hold the time, the atomic clock uses an electronic signal of light emitted at an exact frequency to move the electrons in the Cs atom.
Physicists built their ytterbium clock with about 10,000 rare elements.
The earth atom cools down to 10 micro-Kelvin (
10 million s above absolute zero)
Trapped in an optical grid made of a laser.
Another laser that "ticks" 518 trillion times per second triggers the conversion between two levels in the atom.
High stability of the clock due to a large number of atoms.
The new clock can get accurate results very quickly.
Technicians must average the current US civil time standard.
F1 caesium fountain clock, about 400,000 seconds (About five days)
For the best performance.
But the new ytterbium clock can achieve the same result in about a second of the average time.
The study was published in the journal Science.
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