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woods will revel in sylvan challenge  -  best outdoor laser measuring device
The world's greatest golfer came to Mount Juliet as a friend of Irish golf, Dermot gilleecit wrote, since Charlie siford wrote in his autobiography: "What golf needs. . .
He is a black man with great personal charm and is a game whale. . .
"If the black American golf pioneer is made-to-
Giving instructions to the Almighty, it is almost impossible for him to do better.
The incarnation of Sifford's dream will appear in Mount Juliet this week, and Tiger Woods flying in tomorrow will lead a glittering field in the $5 million American Express Championship.
Here, Woods is a friend of Irish golf and has built close ties with the country over the past four years.
Before the Royal Birkdale Open in 1998, he first came here with his friend Mark O'Meara when he fell in love with Waterville's hospitality and informality.
A year later, he became one of six unique people.
Playing with Omella, David Duval, Penn Stewart, Lee Jensen, and Stuart appby, they sent out the stubborn extraordinary spectacle at the cape in front of ginsel's old head before finally showing them on the dramatic 12 th stage.
Recently, someone visited the European club and saw Mount Juliet for the first time and has now become a modest annual building --up to the Open.
In the middle, when he gave up the normal 7-
Cost of playing in J. P. McManus International Pro
I was in Limerick GC on July 2000.
Less than a year after Stewart, a "gang" in Waterville, died in an air crash.
"It's great to be back in Ireland," Woods declared after a direct flight from Chicago, defending his defeat at Cog Hill for the Western Open Championship.
"I 've always loved coming here, and the way Waterville paid tribute to Penn Stewart left me particularly impressed (
The next day, a bronze memorial bust was unveiled. .
Penn likes Waterville and Waterville likes Penn.
"To celebrate the modest 6,386 he came to Limerick-
Layout of Forest Park, start card course-
Set a record of 64 rounds.
And 12 of the second round 68-under-
The sum of 132 votes gave him the highest prize of 33,000.
But by default.
Stuart Appleby in Australia actually returned a total of £ 129, but was disqualified from using a laser measuring device on the second returnround of 63.
The Limerick event, which was watched by 8,000 viewers, was charming and informal.
But in the four days of Mount Juliet, there will be at least three such figures, with a record crowd expected over the weekend.
Even in the seven years of his career, Woods still has that effect on people.
Woods was the first athlete his father predicted for $5 billion.
But when it comes to his amazing son, Earl Woods never lacks exaggeration.
He believes that his military training as a lieutenant colonel in the green beret is invaluable in teaching Tiger mental toughness.
He believes that his marriage with Buddhist, Thai woman kurtida provides an ideal balance for East-West influence.
All this led Earl to refer to the tiger as "selected" in a Sports Illustrated article on 1996 ".
However, he later protested that he had been wrongly quoted.
"I didn't say it," he said . "
"It's totally stupid.
I can't think of anyone so stupid.
What I am saying is that he can be the world ambassador like Muhammad Ali.
He went in that direction.
"However, the ranks and archives of the Tiger's contemporaries will certainly not be very difficult to see him as a rather special person because he has never experienced what could have been described as a day --job.
"The tiger has never worked for a day in his life and he will never work," his father said . ".
"He never worked, not even part-time --time.
He never even had a baby. sitter.
We will take him with us when we go to the party.
"It's also a fact that he hasn't been on a commercial flight since he turned professional in August 1995.
All air travel is carried out by a private jet, which Omara and his tournament colleague cosily called TWA-
Tiger Woods Airlines
One aspect of Woods, as a parent, has always been the source of my admiration, that is, his obedience. From first-
Based on the observation experience, I found that the more you try to push teens in a specific direction, the more likely they are to do exactly the opposite.
For Woods, however, the more his father urged him to pursue a golf career, the better his reaction would be.
Perhaps it was the eastern influence of his mother.
In any case, it was very touching to witness the player's apparent love for his father, when they embraced his first Masters victory at the Augusta National Championships in 1997.
However, I still remember another occasion when I was not very happy with this great occasion.
After he went through what I thought was very lucky, he won at Deutsche Bank last year.
At a press conference, I asked him if he felt that there might be some omnipotent, invisible hands guiding his club.
In my explanation, he scoffed at a humorous idea and told me at the same time: "Believe me, I played a lot of golf and not many of them went in.
"By the way, this is the basic rule set by his manager, Mark Steinberg --
The interviewer of Mount Juliet Woods may notice.
His instructions to the television staff seemed sinister, short and clear.
"The tiger will be interviewed three times," Steinberg said . ".
"Each of you has two questions.
No one asked the third question and no one walked.
"When the center of attention drops from the score --
The manager said more-
"OK, here's the order: Sky, German, you (
Ken Brown on behalf of the American Golf Channel.
"Every interviewer is clearly aware of the need to carefully pick his questions.
Ask questions like "Well, Tiger, you must be satisfied with that round" and the first one can answer a short "yes ".
These are skilled operators.
The first question is: "Tiger, tell us how your turn is going.
There is no single syllable answer.
Brown later told me: "When the tiger turned around to be interviewed by me, there was a dull expression in his eyes as if his heart was millions of miles away.
However, once I started asking him questions, I got his full attention.
But when I finished, the dull eyes came back, and he turned automatically, as if looking forward to another interview. Amazing.
"To a large extent, given the pressure of the media, I found Woods's behavior exemplary.
For example, I remember at the old head, I wanted to spend time with him on a special project I was involved in, and he was very helpful and seemed to be trying to encourage more questions, with an amazing smile.
From his breakthrough victory as a professional player, he has always been God
Go to the championship golf course
In fact, in a sense, he is an international player, which brings him all over the world that outstanding predecessors have never touched.
He replaced Greg Norman as the world's number one in June 15, 1997.
Although Ernie Ayers's tenure lasted only a week before he took office, he returned to the top of the list in the second month, this time nine weeks.
Then 13 weeks, 1 week and 41 weeks, David Duval briefly replaced him in March 1999.
Since then, however, Woods has been number one in the world, so much so that disastrous things need to happen in his career to lower his position in the game.
However, there are also some setbacks, especially this season when he failed to win the Memorial Service and NEC for the fourth consecutive year.
Then, in pursuit of the elusive grand slam, he hit the third round 81 at the British Open in Muirfield and did not use four shots to intimidate Rich Beem
Birdie won the first runner-up at the pga Championship in the United States
In a major place.
But against the backdrop of four further victories at the US Baymont Invitational, Masters, US Open and Buick Open, the talk of decline will be absurd
In last May, he beat Colin Montgomery in a game. off.
As Darren Clark, his conqueror in La Costa, said: "The tiger can be defeated, but he is still the one who can be defeated.
"This week, his competitors will be keenly aware of his special liking for the courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, such as winning three consecutive commemorative victories in the village of muyfield.
It was another layout in Nicklaus, Valhalla, who won 2000 USGA championships and thus became the first player to win the US Open, the UK Open and the USGA in the same season.
Nor will he be intimidated by the trees of Mount Juliet. lined fairways.
Because when he grows up in Cypress, California, he throws golf balls into the tree so he can play those subtle recovery shots that have become a key factor in his game.
In fact, when the situation is worst, he often shows that he is in the best shape, as in the USPGA race --
Against Bob May.
As his idol Nicklaus observed: "usually stress can get in the way of a great show, but the Tiger always does the job under pressure.
Back in April 1997 USA Today described Woods's victory as "a fascinating moment of transition when a new generation comes with new ideas and standards.
"This is an exciting transformation.
We look forward to the latest installment payment next weekend.
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