wingsuit base jumpers lick their wounds and soar ahead in sport that eludes regulation - laser range meter

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wingsuit base jumpers lick their wounds and soar ahead in sport that eludes regulation  -  laser range meter
Shortly after Mike Bloom's friend jumped from the top of the Haling Hill above Canmore, the Québec knew that there had been a conflict with the Plumb.
"He was actually hung up," Bloom said when it came to the Québec, Nicolas desagne.
"Then my phone rang --
I said, 'You need help. 'he said.
"The couple started what they were familiar with again --
Diving from the mountains or other lofty places, wearing a specially designed aerodynamics suit, speeding like an eagle, then pulling the tear rope of the parachute for a more traditional descent.
But on the day of last March, enthusiasts gagne fired a problem from what enthusiasts call the exit point, and the progress of the jumper was horribly back to the jagged mountain surface due to the twist of the parachute line.
It all happened in 10 seconds, Bloom said.
After touching the reef, he said, "he tried to leave the mountain, but touched the mountain again and began to catch whatever he could . ".
"He spent three hours on a small ledge that he was lucky enough to find.
"Bloom finished his BASE jump, which is no different from a captain in a red and black suit, who parachuted near the Canmore Nordic center below where he helped
He added that his friend returned to Quebec and was still recovering from his left foot, which "exploded" due to a collision ".
This, and the death of two other wing-mounted pilots in the Canmore area last month, has had a significant impact on Bloom's figure, a small brother of five or six local parachutists.
But it does not diminish Bloom's enthusiasm for what he calls liberation from the bondage of secular consistency and everyday life --to-day humdrum.
He said: "It didn't scare me, but would it hurt me to see your friend hurt or absolutely die? But the damage can be avoided . " All of this is a learning process.
"This is a dream, just like every child has ever flown . . . . . . In nature, there is a human form of primitive nature.
"I'm not worried about my bill, or about my quarrel with my girlfriend.
You can focus, just like meditation.
"BASE is the initials acronym word for the extreme sports launch per --
Buildings, Antennas, Spans and earthwork
Since many jumps are made without wing suits, the parachute is more direct.
Like most parachutists, Bloom was originally a parachutist who boarded the cliff in 2012 and took off from the mountain for the first time in December 2014.
During that short period of time, he estimated that he had experienced as many as 70 sharp falls, most of them before the difficult hike to reach the peak launch pad.
Last month, at the Jackalope action sports festival in his hometown of Montreal, one of the flights took a very different form, with Bloom jumping from the top of the Olympic Stadium.
This is not a gold medal, he said, because the wind has brought great damage.
Of course there's nothing more than 50-
He used to do a second rapture in a place where he was brave.
One of the main factors for successful flight, he says, is the launch, which "pushes forward in a diving way to maximize your distance, so your wing suit starts to inflate and is in the right place
"After the recent death, Bloom said he was frustrated to watch online reviews pile up, thinking the campaign was reckless and nearly suicidal.
He said it was an undue attack, and given the movement's attention to detail, the details extended preparation and calibration and even included what he called the "black box" of equipment, its total cost (including the kit) up to $7,000.
He said: "We use laser range finder to get distance points and Google Earth at the height of the terrain . . . . . . We observe speed, dive angle, height during deployment and takeoff . ".
"People say we are jahus and adrenaline fans, but we are the farthest from jahus.
Everything is calculated.
"And that must be the case.
When the skydiving player pulls the parachute at an altitude of 3,500
Bloom said that 5,000 feet of people will lose silk at 1,000 feet, sometimes at 700.
"If you have some sort of fault, you have limited time to get rid of it," he said . ".
Although there is little research on the record of this activity, some figures prove the BASE jumping hair --
The risk is growing.
A study of the 11-year jump value of Norway's famous locations found that one person died every 2,317 jumps, compared with the death rate of traditional skydiving being 1:101, 083.
Last month may have been the month with the largest number of deaths among skydivers at wing bases, with at least 15 deaths worldwide.
This is a shocking number of some of the best athletes in the sport
Part of the tragedy, Bloom says, is complacency.
After several successful flights, "The average people of the sport may think they are better than they are now-they have broken their limits in a ruthless environment, which is the root of the disaster, he said.
Nevertheless, Bloom noted that the harm of more secular activities did not prevent its practitioners.
"Will the car accident stop you driving? " he asked ? ".
* Government regulators are playing catch-up
Although they are reluctant to take risks in some ways, they are equipped with a mock-up base jumper.
Spokesman Natasha Gautier said that the Canadian Department of Transport noted that both skydiving and skydiving are skydiving, "recognizing the standards set by the Canadian Association for Sport skydiving . ".
But she said in a statement that the focus of the federal government would only include anything involving the aircraft, and that the department would not investigate the jump accident at the wing base.
"Local law enforcement may investigate accidents that have nothing to do with the aircraft," Gauthier said . ".
"Transport Canada has no plan to develop regulations for wing flight.
This is not the activity we monitor, and the department has not counted the wing accidents.
"Provincial officials have only just begun accepting sky shooters, admitted Jill Sawyer of Alberta Park, the Canmore-who oversees the campaign-
Area Mecca, Bow Valley Wild Land Park.
Mountains in two regionsHa Ling and Mt.
Mrs. MacDonald across the valley-
Has been designated
Sailing and paragliding sites are 2002 pieces of legislation, she said, which does not yet include wing-to-wing BASE jumps.
Sawyer said: "It is forbidden to engage in this activity in the park . . . . . . This is not an activity approved by Alberta park . ".
The province said that since June 2015, six wingsuit flight accidents have occurred in the Rocky Mountains west of Calgary, three of which are fatal.
But Sawyer said that the number of casualties did not make any charges against those pursuing winged fantasies, although some were fined for breaking into closed areas on the jumping Road.
Instead, the province is working with the wingpack community to bring its passion into some sort of official domain.
"This is something we have been focusing on over the last few years, investigating the activity and working with the people involved," Sawyer said . ".
"We want to make sure it's safe.
Part of the effort, she said, is aimed at rescuing or retrieving the welfare of base jumper personnel.
According to basic jumper Mike Bloom, this method was acquiesced in jumping from Ha Ling during some kind of trial period.
But another tacit understanding, he says, is that wingsuits in nearby national parks will eventually be fined heavily.
Even so, government regulation will face some logistical challenges, including the regulation of export points at the top of the mountain. The stripped-
He added that the equipment used by wingsuit pilots is not suitable for the current regulatory regime that regulates regular skydiving, which is further contrary to official control.
But Bloom said he is working with the government to further enhance the acceptance and security of the campaign by leveraging models adopted by other countries. “The Swiss B. A. S. E.
The association uses radio and landing card systems, "he said.
BKaufmann @ postmedia.
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