wimbledon outfits: the short and sweet of 2016 - laser level with distance measure

by:UMeasure     2019-11-01
wimbledon outfits: the short and sweet of 2016  -  laser level with distance measure
It's easy to talk about Wimbledon's dress code.
Mainly white!
But such a seemingly simple task becomes difficult for designers.
Many costumes were controversial during the tournament.
This year, Nike's clothing for women professionals has drawn much discussion.
This short skirt looks like a thin pajamas.
However, Canada's Eugenie Bouchard is pleased with the controversial outfit.
"I like it," Bouchard said . "
"I can't comment on what others think of them.
Nike has introduced some cool modern designs.
It is really short but I like my clothes so I like it very much.
"On the other hand, Serena Williams waved at the grass grand slam, not only for her tennis, but also for her costume. Centre-
The court audience was shocked at the highest level she revealed.
A sports fan wrote on Twitter: "Serena Williams has made so much money, why can't she buy a proper sports bra to cover her nipples ? " Rench Open champion Garbine Muguruza, dressed in Stella McCartney's skirt, will WimbledonIt had laser-
Cut holes and unique feminine style.
Ike's dress has exposed the hearts of many female tennis stars, distracting them from the game and forcing them to change on the side of the court.
Although the design meets the dress code of the Wimbledon Open, several players said it was not ideal for competitive tennis.
He reports that Nike has sent out a message to players marked "important", asking players to "change a little" according to the rules ".
"Although the clothes are not lengthened, the cracks on both sides are sewn, which makes the fabric of the clothes not easy to fly.
Daria Kasatkina quickly chose to switch.
"I'm really glad I had this opportunity because you can play better if you feel good on the pitch," Kasatkina said . ".
At the same time, Simona Halep also took an eternal look at the tournament.
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