wholesale prices still in check - wholesale laser level

by:UMeasure     2019-09-14
wholesale prices still in check  -  wholesale laser level
There is no inflation at the wholesale level.
The government reported on Friday that a sharp fall in food costs helped offset the biggest increase in energy prices since April, which reappeared last month.
The Labor Department said the producer price index (ppi), which measures inflationary pressures, did not change in August after falling 0 before hitting consumers.
% July 2.
Energy prices did rise sharply, up 1% in August, reflecting upward pressure on global oil pricesS.
The war in Iraq is good for the world.
However, the rise in energy prices was offset by 0.
Food costs have fallen by 4% and prices for new cars, trucks and computers are also falling.
The hot news center zone climate change documentary Trump's derogatory Twitter at the wholesale and retail levels, inflation performed well, and last year's recession and this year's slow recovery suppressed prices.
In the first eight months of this year, wholesale prices rose at a rate of only 0 per year. 8 percent.
The absence of inflationary pressure is the Fed's ability to keep rates at 40-
This year has been low for the whole year to help the country recover from its first recession in a decade.
In other economic news, the Commerce Department announced unexpectedly strong growth in retail sales.
% August 8.
Most of the gains are driven by a sharp increase in car sales, which reflects cuts
But even outside of car sales, interest rate financing shows a steady 0. 4 percent rise.
Sales growth in August followed suit.
The 1% rise in July should help ease concerns that stock prices fell sharply in June and July, shaking consumer confidence and putting the fledgling economic recovery at risk.
Retail sales data for August showed that two
Even at times of other economic difficulties, growth in the third economy is still booming.
Since the Fed decided to keep interest rates at 4-
The new low in ten years has greatly increased sales.
Tickets such as cars and houses.
"In addition to cars, people are still buying furniture and household appliances, which is the strong home sales we are looking for," said David W . " Chief economist of S & P rating services in New York.
These figures exceed expectations in the United States. S.
Economists surveyed in a Reuters survey.
Analysts had predicted 0.
Overall retail sales rose 5%, 0.
Sales of cars were not included, up 1%.
Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, who testified in the House Budget Committee, said the terrorist attacks a year ago and the recent sharp fall in the stock market continued to have a "frustrating impact" on the economy ".
But he did not suggest whether the Fed would cut interest rates when the policy was introduced.
The manufacturer meets next time. 24.
The retail sales report may reinforce expectations that the Fed will keep interest rates stable on the trading day.
A National Federal Reserve survey prepared for that meeting found that businesses in every region of the country experienced "slow and unbalanced growth" at the end of July and August ".
However, most analysts believe that the Fed will not cut interest rates, but will be satisfied to keep the overnight bank loan rate at 1. 75 percent.
The report on inflation found that, in addition to fluctuations in the food and energy sectors, inflation was not
Existed with XXX last month.
The rate of core inflation, known as core inflation, actually dropped by 0.
After 1%, a larger 0 was dropped.
% July 3.
So far this year, this core inflation rate is declining at a rate of 0 per year. 5 percent.
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