wholesale prices jump - wholesale laser level

by:UMeasure     2019-09-14
wholesale prices jump  -  wholesale laser level
Driven by rising energy and food costs, the United StatesS.
Wholesale prices soared 1.
October was 7%, the largest increase since the beginning of 1990.
The producer price index measures the cost of goods before they are put on shelves. The big over-the-
After wholesale prices rose slightly 0, a month's increase.
The Labor Department reported Tuesday that it was 1% in September.
Concerns about inflation have driven funds from the Federal Reserve
Tightening policy in recent months.
The report shows that wholesale inflation is rising after a few months of affluence --behaved.
"Inflation is not a problem, but it has turned things around," said Ken Mayland, president of ClearView Economics . ".
"The inflationary pressures we face are still low, but the inflationary pressures are still increasing, and the Fed has enough time to nip the inflationary pressures in the bud," he said.
Melan explained: "David Ortiz, a Twitter derogatory by Trump, a climate change documentary in the popular news center, was released from hospital. Moscow protested the weak economy in spring and early summer, which helped to keep wholesale prices relatively low
Now the economy is growing and inflation is likely to rise, he said.
Excluding energy and food costs, these costs may fluctuate significantly month by month, with wholesale prices at the "core" rising by 0 in October.
For the second consecutive month, 3%.
PPI data showed that the increase was greater than economists expected.
They predict wholesale prices will rise by 0 as a whole.
In October, core prices rose by 6%. 1 point. The 1.
PPI overall increase of 7%, the biggest increase since January 1990.
From an economic point of view, inflation
Apparently rising though-
Analysts say it is not a threat to the economy.
Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and his Fed colleagues said in a statement after last week's meeting that despite rising energy prices, the economy appears to grow at a moderate rate. "Fed policy-
The manufacturer said, "Inflation and longer
Inflation expectations are still well controlled.
In this context, the Fed's policy
Manufacturers said last week they could stick to a step-by-step approach to raising short positions
Regular rate.
The Fed decided last week to boost the key short-
One-year rate
Growth in the fourth quarter of this year was 2%.
The Fed is now raising interest rates to prevent inflation from becoming a problem in the future.
More and more economists believe that the Fed will raise interest rates again at its meeting in December.
Some economists say wholesale price data on Tuesday will justify the move.
Energy prices soared 6 in October.
8%, the largest increase since February 2003, and a big turnaround from 0.
Dip registered in September was 9%.
Gasoline prices soared 17 in October.
3%, the largest increase since June 2000.
The price of household heating oil jumped 17.
9%, the biggest increase since February 2003.
Liquefied petroleum gas, such as propane, rose by 14.
7%, the biggest increase since January.
Oil prices hit a record high above $55 a barrel late last month, but have recently fallen.
Oil prices hovered above $46 a barrel.
At the same time, food prices rose by 1.
6% in October, compared with small 0.
It rose 1% in September.
Growth in October was the highest in the year, mainly due to soaring vegetable costs.
Prices of fruit, beef, veal and pork have also risen.
Elsewhere in the report: Passenger car prices fell by 1.
3%, the cost of heavy-duty motor trucks fell by 0. 7 percent.
But the cost of construction machinery and equipment has tripled.
October was 7%, the largest increase since January 1980.
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