wednesday, november 1 - precision laser level

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wednesday, november 1  -  precision laser level
Editor's note: CNN news agency is the running Journal of the latest news at CNN world headquarters, edited by CNN reporters and producers and CNN news agency.
The New York Times is Eastern daylight. BAGHDAD (CNN)--A U. S. -
S. -led coalition airstrikes killed an Iraqi al-Qaida terrorist leader in Anbar province west of Baghdad on Wednesday. S.
Military statement said.
Hamoud Isa--
Abu Taha--
About 50 miles west of the Iraqi capital, east of Ramadi, his car was killed by "precise laser-guided ammunition.
The statement said his driver was also killed.
The statement said the leader "frequently harassed foreign fighters who illegally entered Iraq in order to attack innocent Iraqis and coalition forces. " (Posted 2:40 a. m. )(CNN)--
Officials from Venezuela and Guatemala said Wednesday that the countries had given up their candidacy for Latin American seats in the United States. N.
And agreed to nominate Panama for this seat as a compromise.
"Panama is a country very close to Central America.
It is also very close to Venezuela for historical reasons, "said Foreign Minister Gert Rosenthal of Guatemala.
"This is a country that unites South America and Central America.
"What we are concerned about is the split between north and south of Latin America.
We want to calm the idea by looking for a country that is very popular in both extremes of our continent, so Panama makes a lot of sense.
They also have a strong mission in New York. " (Posted 10:32 p. m. )NEW YORK (CNN)--
A senior U. N. Official and a Miami businessman were arrested on Wednesday.
The indictment is not sealed, accusing them of participating in a procurement plan involving $50 million in the United States. N.
Federal prosecutors say the contract.
The 55-year-old Sanjaya Bahel is currently in charge of the US business activities Service. N.
Postal Administration, formerly section chief of the US Commodity Procurement DepartmentN.
The purchasing department, accused of using his influence as a purchasing officer to get Nishan Corey in the U. N. contracts.
According to the indictment, Kohli provided New York real estate to Bahel in return. The U. N.
He said that Bahel has been suspended since being charged with misconduct after an internal investigation on August, the Secretary
General Kofi Annan respected the prosecutor's request to waive the exemption from prosecution. (Posted 10:14 p. m. )WASHINGTON (CNN)--
On Wednesday, House Majority Leader John Boehner defended Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in an interview with CNN, sparking new political turmoil,
John Kerry made his own statement.
In an interview with CNN's Situation Room, Boehner--
A Republican in Ohio defended Ramsfield over the weekend. -
"Let's not blame Rumsfeld for what happened in Iraq, but he is in charge of the army," CNN's Wolf Blitzer replied . ".
"The fact is that the local general is in charge and he works closely with them and the president," Boehner replied . ".
Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean and Senate Minority party leader Harry Reid both interpreted the exchange as Boehner's attempt to accuse the United States. S.
The generals who failed in Iraq quickly demanded an apology. (Posted 9:10 p. m. )(CNN)--
A man is believed to be John Woody wuddin on suspicion of stepping into a domestic violence shelter in North Carolina on September and shooting dead his separated wife. According to the N. Graham County authoritiesC.
"The body of a white male was found today on a yacht at Lake Fontana's Prince boat pier," said Sheriff Bob de Bruer in a statement.
"Law enforcement officers at the scene believe the body was the body of John Woody wuddin.
At this time, we did not confirm the identity of the male before the autopsy.
"35-year-old Woodlin was the object of police pursuit after his wife Bonnie's death. His wife Bonnie sent a shock wave on N Sylva. C.
A small town in the Big Smoky Mountains. (Posted 6:54 p. m. )(CNN)--
Under the attack of the Republican Party and even some of his Democratic colleagues on Iraq
He made comments Monday at the California Senate campaign rally.
John Kerry apologized Wednesday to anyone offended by his comments.
"I want to make it clear to anyone in uniform and to their loved ones ---
"The joke that I didn't say well at the rally was not about any troops and never intended to mention any of them," Kerry said in a written statement . ".
"I sincerely regret that my words were wrongly interpreted as wrongly implying any negative impact on people in uniform, and I personally spoke to any service person who was offended.
Kerry said his comment to the students is that if they don't get a good education, they will end up "stuck in Iraq" and it's a "botched" joke from President Bush. (Posted 4:19 p. m. )WASHINGTON (CNN)--The U. S.
The intelligence community has turned to the Internet to help solve one of its key problems ---
Information sharing.
Free software based on Wikipedia, online encyclopedia, Director of National Intelligence (DNI)
An in-house website called Intellipedia has been set up to enable analysts from 16 intelligence agencies and other government departments to study and share information on various pressing issues, from North Korea to bird flu
The Intellipedia web page looks a lot like Wikipedia, but there is a big difference.
Wikipedia allows almost anyone in the world to add or edit information on its website without attribution.
Intellipedia requires users to have appropriate security permissions for their various networks, with all entries with attributes.
DNI official Michele wes said intelligent encyclopedia is a way for the intelligence community to use cutting
Help complete fringe technology that the president and Congress authorize intelligence to increase information
Sharing and collaboration. --
Pam Benson, National Security Producer (Posted 3:19 p. m. )BAGHDAD (CNN)--
A senior Iraqi basketball official, a volleyball coach and a police officer were kidnapped by militants during the war.
Police told CNN on Wednesday that Baghdad was torn apart.
Gunmen in at least four SUV cars have kidnapped the secretary general of the National Basketball Federation of Iraq, Isam Haaf Zavel.
They also kidnapped Khalid Najim al-
Dean is the coach of the disabled volleyball team at the Palestinian youth club on Palestinian streets east of Baghdad.
The two were kidnapped at the Palestinian youth club, the latest in a series of kidnappings against sports figures. Also, Col.
Police officer Khalid Ibrahim, who works at the Risafa police headquarters, was kidnapped by gunmen near Sleikh, north of Baghdad. --
Muhammad Tafik from CNNPosted 2:45 p. m. )BAGHDAD (CNN)--
Iraq's Sunni Arab vice president said Wednesday that the crackdown in Sadr, Baghdad, could make members of the Shiite death squad bolder, adding that he believes the security situation is deteriorating to a large extent, because Shia
The leading government has not done enough to deal with the militia. Tariq al-Hashimi --
Who is the highest Sunni political voice in Iraq? -held a wide-
He made several criticisms at a series of press conferences, reflecting Sunni Arabs anger at the unstable security situation, largely due to grinding Sunnis
Shiite sectarian hatred
"Did we send the wrong message to the terrorists? " al-
Hashimi said he was referring to the opening of the Shi'ite death squad that might take advantage of the selected checkpoint.
"Now that the iron fist is loose, you can move around as you like and shake the stability of Baghdad again.
Is this in the national interest? " (Posted 1:53 p. m. )United Nations (CNN)--The U. S.
Ambassador to the United Nations said Wednesday that he expressed concern to the Secretary-General
Syria, Iran and Hezbollah may be trying to overthrow generals and security council members of Lebanon's democratic government.
John Bolton told reporters after a meeting of the five permanent members of the Security Council convened by the Secretary-General
General Annan will discuss concerns about the proposed Lebanese International Tribunal for the trial of suspects who assassinated former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005.
Lebanese Pro earlier this week
Syrian President Rahul has opposed the establishment of the court. A U. N.
Syrian and Lebanese security officials are suspected of murdering Hariri, according to the investigation.
Bolton said that part of the morning discussion focused on one element of the "speedy establishment" of the international tribunal. (Posted 1:41 p. m. )
BOGOTA, Colombia (CNN)--
Rebels in northern Colombia attacked a patrol of 19 police officers on Wednesday, killing 16 people and injuring three others.
In addition, a civilian woman was killed and two other civilians were injured, the spokesman said.
The exchange of fire began at three in the morning. m.
When the police were on a routine counter
The spokesman said guerrilla patrols outside the town of Tierradentro, 750 km kilometers north of the capital of Cordoba province.
For four hours, members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia have attacked the patrol with assault rifles and homemade missiles made from propane cylinders containing explosives, the spokesman said. --
Karl Penhaul, CNN correspondent (Posted 1:31 p. m. )WASHINGTON (CNN)--
The Bush administration on Wednesday warned the Syrian and Iranian governments to halt efforts to overthrow Lebanon's Foad siniurra government as political tensions intensified.
In a strongly worded statement, the White House said, "there is growing evidence that the Syrian and Iranian governments,Hezbollah)
Their Lebanese allies are preparing plans to overthrow Lebanon's elected government.
White House spokesman Tony Snow told reporters on Wednesday that "we made it clear to everyone in the area that it should be the" hands "of the siniurra government to get them to do business.
"After visits to Washington by two senior Lebanese politicians, social affairs minister Leyla Mouwad and DaLuz leader Walid Jumblatt, the government's line has become more assertive.
Lebanese diplomatic sources told CNN that in separate meetings with U. S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Vice President Dick Cheney, mouwad and Jumblatt expressed concern over the Syrian and Iranian forces working with Hezbollah to overthrow the government of siniurah. --
State Department producer Elise Labott (CNN (Posted 1:22 p. m. )BEIRUT (CNN)--
A spokesman for the Lebanese Armed Forces told CNN that a grenade penetrated the roof of Lebanon's Internal Security Forces military camp in western Beirut on Wednesday, causing a small explosion that damaged the building but did not cause casualties.
Lebanese security sources say an M-
The rifle was 16, but it was not clear who was responsible for the attack.
Camp in al-
A community dominated by Muslims.
The attack took place around 7: 30 p. m. m. (12:30 p. m. EST)--
Nada Husseini and Brent Sadler from CNN (Posted 1:07 p. m. )RENO, Nev. (CNN)--A 47-year-
Renault police said an old woman was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of arson at a residential hotel, killing six people.
It is reported that the fire occurred at about 10. m. Tuesday (
Midnight on Wednesday)
Police said in a statement at the historic hotel in Mispa.
Police say Valerie Moore, a resident of the hotel, was arrested earlier Wednesday.
The statement said that about an hour and a half after the first fire broke out, a person was confirmed dead and firefighters found five other bodies while searching for the smoldering ruins.
Officials are concerned that more victims are still found in the rubble of the roof of the building. (Posted 12:44 p. m. )LONDON (CNN)--
Accusing the two brothers of covering up the case of the possible role of the other brother in the plot to blow up the transgender
The Atlantic jet has been released by the court due to lack of evidence.
The Westminster District Court confirmed that the cases of Umair and Mehran Hussain were dismissed for "insufficient information evidence.
"The two face charges of failing to disclose information about their brother Nabeel Hussain's alleged role in the plot.
Scotland Yard announced that Nabeel Hussain was charged with conspiracy to murder and to smuggle liquid explosives into the plane. (Posted 11:23 a. m. )WASHINGTON (CNN)--Sen. John Kerry --
His comments were considered insulting to the United States. S.
Iraqi forces-
He withdrew from several campaigns on Wednesday, explaining that he did not want to distract Democrats from next week's midterm elections.
An aide to Kerry told CNN that the senator from Massachusetts canceled his campaign in Minnesota. -
He tried to overthrow the current senator. Rick Santorum --
Plans to run with Kerry in Philadelphia on Wednesday night have been canceled.
Republicans seized on Kerry's fault, hoping to get the necessary political views with President Bush.
John McCain and others in Arizona have asked Kerry to apologize to the army.
Kerry responded, saying the president should apologize to the Army for misleading the war in Iraq.
On Monday, when Kerry told students at the Pasadena City College in California, the quarrel began.
, "You know education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework, you try to be smart, you can do it well.
If you don't, you're stuck in Iraq.
One of Kerry's aides told CNN on Tuesday that the senator had "messed up" his prepared statement, apparently a rebuke to the president.
"I can't overemphasize the importance of education," Kerry's assistant said . "
"'If you don't learn, if you're not smart, if you're mentally lazy, do you know where you're going to end up?
You finally got us into the war in Iraq. '" (Posted 9:34 a. m. )BAGHDAD (CNN)--Two U. S.
On Tuesday, the army died in Anbar province, one was "action from the enemy" and the other was from Africa.
The military said Wednesday it was a hostile incident.
Soldiers killed in the battle were assigned to seven combat teams.
Service personnel in non-deaths
This is a hostile incident against the Marine Corps.
He works in the Naval Aviation Logistics Squadron.
This brings the number of Americans. S.
The death toll in October was 105, fourth
The highest monthly total since the start of the war.
Number of us. S.
Since the war began in March 2003, the number of military deaths has been 2,818. (Posted 9:32 a. m. )(CNN)--
The joint forces command said Afghanistan and coalition forces killed "three armed terrorists" in a raid near a town in eastern Afghanistan on Wednesday and detained another.
The incident took place near the town of Taranli in Khowst province.
"Credible intelligence has brought the joint forces to the compound, a shelter for terrorist network promoters.
Upon arrival, the joint forces demanded a peaceful surrender within the compound.
"While the joint forces were protecting the compound, they were attacked by terrorists.
As a result, three terrorists were killed in the operation. (Posted 8 a. m. )BAGHDAD (CNN)--
On Tuesday, a "terrorist" was killed and a "suspected terrorist" was detained in a joint raid by Ballard, United States. S.
The military said Wednesday.
The target of the attack was a person associated with the "suspected senior leader of the al-Qaida network in Iraq", which was linked to "foreign terrorists and improvised explosive device attacks in the region"
Ballard is located in northern Baghdad, Salahuddin province.
When coalition ground forces approached the target area, three suspected terrorists fled to a nearby river.
Ground troops chased the terrorists and fired warning shots in an attempt to capture them.
After the terrorists opened fire on coalition ground forces, ground forces returned fire and killed a terrorist.
Two others fled the area.
The coalition successfully continued their mission and captured suspected terrorists. " (Posted 7:36 a. m. )BAGHDAD (CNN)--
An official with the Iraqi Emergency Police said bombs and mortars exploded Wednesday across the Iraqi capital, killing 10 people and injuring 21 others.
A defense ministry spokesman told CNN that in the latest report, an SUV exploded near the Defense Ministry gate, killing two people and injuring two others.
The spokesman said the explosion was believed to have been caused by a bomb placed in an SUV without the passenger's knowledge. (Posted 7:26 a. m. )JERUSALEM (CNN)--
Israeli Defense Forces say Israel approved continued military operations in Gaza Wednesday after a night of ground and air attacks killed an Israeli soldier and at least 10 Palestinians.
Palestinian sources have confirmed that six people were killed and 50 injured in fighting in the northern border village of Beit Hanoun.
An IDF spokesman said about 20 gunmen were hit by air strikes.
The IDF said the conflict occurred in areas where Palestinian militants fired rockets into Israel.
An IDF spokesman said militants fired rockets into Israel almost every day. (Posted 7:13 a. m. )BAGHDAD (CNN)--U. S.
On Wednesday, U. S. troops continued to search for American soldiers missing last week in Baghdad. S.
A military spokesman said. Lt. Col.
Christopher Garver told CNN that the army is continuing to collect actionable intelligence and use it for rescue operations.
Iraqi soldiers.
Missing in October23. The U. S.
The military believes he was kidnapped from a relative's home in Baghdad. An all-
The search for soldiers began, America. S.
Iraqi checkpoints have been set up around Sadr, Baghdad.
The crackdown caused inconvenience to the public and began a major strike on Tuesday to protest against security measures.
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al
Maliki later ordered the removal of tough
There are manned checkpoints in specific areas around Sadr City. (Posted 7:09 a. m. )NEW YORK (CNN)--
A business plane carrying more than 300 people crashed into an overhead plane at Newark Liberty International Airport on Tuesday.
Lufthansa spokeswoman Jennifer Urbaniak said that the wing tip of Lufthansa's LH403 flight to Frankfurt, Germany, wiped the right wing of the second aircraft.
The wing of Lufthansa's Boeing 747 was damaged, she said.
In a statement, Lufthansa said 291 passengers, three babies and 17 crew members were on board.
There were no reports of injuries.
The passengers were taken off the plane.
The second aircraft is an overhead Continental Airlines Boeing 757, which was transferred to a remote overnight parking space "at rest" when the contact occurred ", the airline said in a statement.
Continental said it was "apparently brushed by a Lufthansa 747 aircraft that was taxiing ".
"It seems that 747 of the left has brushed 757 of the right. " (Posted 6:35 a. m. )SEOUL (CNN)--
The Asian economic summit in Vietnam this month is likely to resume 6-
Holding party talks on North Korea's nuclear program as South Korean President Roh moo-hyun
South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported Wednesday that hyun plans to meet with other world leaders in Hanoi.
"President Roh moo-hyun will carry out active diplomatic activities through the summit with the leaders of the six countries
"During the upcoming APEC summit, members of the party talks," Yonhap reported . ".
14 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC (APEC)
The summit is scheduled for November 18 in the Vietnamese capital. 19. (Posted 3:44 a. m. )Beaumont, California(CNN)--
Riverside County Sheriff's Department said they arrested a "person of interest" in a deadly fire in Southern California that killed five peopleman U. S.
Forest Service personnel, but nothing to do with the fire.
Raymond Lee Ole, 37, resident of Beaumont, California
A statement from the Sheriff's Department said he was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of "two arson fires in the wild", a fire in the no-fire passage area on June 2006.
"Oyler is not a suspect of" The fire of Esperanza ", but a person of interest," the statement said . ".
"Investigators interviewed the suspect on Friday, October 27, 2006 and served a search warrant at his residence on Monday, October 30, 2006. "The 40,200-
According to the California Forestry and Fire Department, the acre Esperanza fire had been controlled by 100% as of Monday.
All evacuation orders were canceled, 300 firefighters were sent home, leaving about 1,700 firefighters at the scene. (Posted 1 a. m. )(CNN)--
A fireman is the only survivor of five of him. man U. S.
Jenny Wade Evans, forest supervisor at San Bernardino National Forest, said Forest Service personnel who were inundated with fires during last week's fight against the Southern California wildfire had died.
Pablo Cerda, 23, died at 5: 08. m. , Evans said.
"Today, the sadness we can hardly bear adds more sadness," she said . ".
Cerda has been in critical condition since Thursday's incident.
The doctor said he had more than 90% burns in his body.
Crew of Cerda, United States of AmericaS.
Forest Service personnel exchanged fire with Esperanza near kabasong, California on the 57 th.
West of Palm Springs, it quickly spread to the south and west.
When they tried to protect a house, four firefighters died when the wind suddenly moved. The 40,200-
According to California's Forestry and Fire Department, the acre fire had been controlled by 100% as of Monday.
Five firefighters will all be commended at Sunday's memorial service, Evans said. (Posted 10:52 p. m. )
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