v955 review - an overview of the beltronics v955 radar detector - laser sensor price

by:UMeasure     2019-08-22
v955 review - an overview of the beltronics v955 radar detector  -  laser sensor price
The V955 model radar protector is another one in the beltrooper product range.
The company has long been known for its affordable multi-functional units.
Beltrooper V955 is considered part of a "new generation" detection device that has been getting more and more complex.
This model has state-of-the-art features that are well worth seeing.
The unit looks very solid and actually weighs as much as some old models.
This is a bit surprising as electronics seem to be getting more compact.
This device is very easy to install as it is basically just "open" the dashboard.
A useful feature includes the ability to remove the detector and place it in the provided tote bag.
The V955 uses digital signal processing technology and a variety of laser sensors.
This shows that it can provide from long-range.
In addition, it minimizes the number of false alarms, a common problem with some radar detectors.
In addition, the model can be from VG-
2 radar detectors, one of the most commonly used by law enforcement personnel.
For users driving under various conditions, the unit has a highway/city sensitivity setting.
The "Auto scan" mode is added to remote detection.
The integrated computer can recognize the input signal and filter out the false signal.
955 of 280-very easy to see visual alerts
LED alphanumeric display.
The driver gets information about the input signal, including the type and intensity of the signal.
In addition to providing visual alerts, beltrooper V955 provides audible alerts.
The volume of the sound alarm can be adjusted according to the intensity and can be muted quickly.
All in all, Vector 955 has many features that are usually included in the model with a higher price.
It is reliable and should provide users with a great sense of protection and peace of mind.
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