using technology to expand a level's accuracy beyond perception - cross laser level

by:UMeasure     2019-08-28
using technology to expand a level\'s accuracy beyond perception  -  cross laser level
More than 4,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptian version of a level was a rope and heavy object hanging in the center of the frame.
While modern contractors are gradually evolving to use a more accurate level of mind, many are upgrading to a higher level
Find "horizontal" high-tech electronic measuring tools with lasers, angle instruments and accelerometer.
Despite the difference in accuracy between conventional level and laser level, Digital level or Droid or I-on popular bubble level applications
Now, mobile phones are hard to detect for humans, and they won't stop the integration of new technologies with our traditional tools.
To put it simply, the Bronze Age of Egyptian horizontal technology is effective, but the industrial age gives humans the ability to use machines to make metal and plastic leveling tools, bringing them to stricter standards.
In the 20 th century, the level was perfected with a spiritual vial or a foam vial, a glass body (now acrylic)
And mineral spiritual content.
When placed from 9 "to 96" to a wood or metal frame, this miniature level creates a tool for the job site.
The accuracy of mental level is usually less than or equal to the width of human hair;
The accuracy of human perception is almost impossible.
On many spiritual levels found in today's store, grade accuracy is expressed as positive or negative 0.
0005 inch or 0 per inch
5mm per meter.
However, horizontal accuracy at work has always been limited by the ability of the human eye to when bubbles are in the center of the vial.
With the accuracy of the spiritual level in the industrial age, the digital era of laser level and digital level has introduced the problem of human perception of "level.
Laser level technology quality laser level accuracy is 1/16 (0. 0625 inches)per 100 feet;
10 times the mental level accuracy of more than 1/1/2 (0. 6 inches)per 100 feet.
This level of precision is achieved by a laser diode that concentrates the energy generated by charged particles into a beam of light.
To further improve accuracy is self-
The leveling motor located inside the laser keeps the laser beacon "horizontal" continuously ".
The benefits of using a laser level are not just precision;
The laser level allows to measure the level at a further distance and can turn two-
Measure the work into a person who can do it alone.
Contractors know more about laser levels and more people use laser levels indoors and outdoors.
Over the past decade, advances in technology have reduced the cost of the laser level and expanded the functionality available.
10 years ago, for professional users, Super
Bright green and visible
Laser levels only found high
The end laser costs thousands of dollars, and today you can find the green laser for less than $1,000. On the high-
At the end of today, the product features include GPS to determine the exact location of the measurements and other buildings. For the do-it-
Five years ago, it cost less than $100 to have a manual horizontal rotating laser, compared to a more precise automatic last year. leveling cross-
Line laser in sub-$100 pricing.
As Moore's law stipulates in microchip technology, the capacity is every 18-
We will also continue to see technological advances in 24 months, which will reduce the price and add features to the laser level.
Looking forward to the next decade, automatic and electronic laser levels will increase
This means providing higher accuracy for ordinary homeowners at an affordable price.
For professionals, we will see more combinations of rotation, line and point laser levels, and they will continue to be more accurate and have more features without increasing costs.
Functions such as green beam, double slope operation, electronic beam shielding, adjustable laser mode and variable rotation speed will turn to products with lower price.
Although the digital level technology is not as accurate as the mass laser level, the accuracy of the mass digital level of the measurement slope is positive and negative 0.
When measuring the level of 1 degree, when the laser beam is connected, the accuracy can be positive and negative 1/4 (0. 25 inches)per 100 feet;
More than 4 times more accurate than the spiritual level.
This level of accuracy, which is also difficult for human beings to detect, is achieved by displaying "level" on the LCD screen through the inclination meter or accelerometer technology.
However, for those users who want the traditional approach to double, some digital levels still retain the mental level vial
Check their work
The cost of a high quality digital level is between $150 and $250, and the cost of other versions is less than $100.
Because the cost of the digital level provides a number of improvements in accuracy on the mental level, although the price has increased many times, many non-
Professionals choose to download digital levels for free on their smartphones/phones. The Apple I-
Both phones and Motorola Droid use accelerometer technology to react to pitch changes in horizontal, vertical, and surface (flat)measurements.
Each smartphone has a free bubble-level app.
Although the actual accuracy of this digital level will depend on the placement accuracy of the accelerometer chip relative to the mobile phone frame, this is an interesting tool that can be easily and quickly referenced.
In the future, digital technology will continue to integrate into the spiritual level, especially with the decline in the price of digital technology.
There will be an increasing number of mental/digital hybrid cars and a $20 digital expansion kit for each hardware store.
Via Bluetooth (
Or Next Generation Communications)
, The digital level will interact with other devices to store and calculate the measured values.
Even the way "horizontal" is viewed can be affected by thin, curved, digital displays that can be centered around a horizontal vial, provide digital readings and have the back
See the light display of "level" in the dark
The next generation of patent glow-in-the-Dark vial.
As we move further into the era of communication, connectivity is everything and all mobile phones will become smartphones, which means there are micro-computing and communication devices in every workplace and every home.
For contractors, smartphones will not only be used to quickly refer to the "level" by means of a free bubble-level app or an augmented reality version of the "level" digitally viewed via the phone camera, all available today, they will be used as computing and procurement tools for integrated communications, saving contractors time and money.
Since the birth of human beings, we have been constantly seeking to improve our lives.
Of course, as we develop, so do the tools we use and the way we use them.
The integration of technology and communication to the traditional level provides quality and accuracy beyond perception, which is just beginning.
The ancient Egyptians will be jealous.
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