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by:UMeasure     2019-06-30
Information technology has become a vital part of our lives.Almost everyone on Earth is directly or indirectly affected or benefited by computers.Computers have always been a part of our lives of this type.
if we do not turn to computers directly or indirectly, people will not be able to consume every day.Since the AB muscles, the computer system has undergone tremendous changes.Vacuum tubes are used in computers, not transistors today.
The computer is too large to operate.
Take ENIAC, the world's first general-purpose computer, for example, which weighs more than 27 tons.It uses more (a) 17,000 vacuum tubes and most 7,000 crystal diodes.It uses 70,000 resistors, 10,000 capacitors and 1,500 relays.
It has about 5 million hand welded joints.It takes about 8x3x100 feet in space and consumes 150 KW of power.But today's computers are smaller and consume less power.
Today, the phenomenon of portable computing is becoming more and more popular.The company has introduced many new portable computers, which are small in size, light in weight and very exciting in design.Mini laptops and pc tablets are becoming more and more popular with their exciting design and portability of use.
Dealing with computers of the future, the company is responsible for many unique and purposeful designs.They make computers smaller and smaller, but they are very powerful.Lenders have decided to make computers so fashionable that this information technology becomes a fashion every day.
Lenovo Pocket Yoga is a very stylish netbook.It looks almost like it's designed to fit the pocket.You can flip its monitor so you can use it as a tablet and use its touch sense monitor.
The keyboard is designed for users and is easy to use.Another new feature of it is its belt, which may turn into a mouse.HP has introduced a new concept design.These designs have become designs for special purposes.
HP Eco is also one of them.
HP eco is ideal for echo issued.
Its contents are bar code reader and solar cell.In addition, it also has a special-purpose bracelet that can measure the high blood pressure and heart rate of the user.Another design for HP is HP makeup.As the name suggests, it's really made specifically for women.
It could be a woman's make-up box.
It features a display that can become an image by pressing a button.It also has a nail printing device where women can polish their nails in any color at any time.It also includes brushes.The third design of HP is HP Mama.It is especially suitable for parents to look after their son or daughter.
Parents can use two Bluetooth cameras to monitor their child's activities remotely.HP perfume is also a model that you can change to a lamp or air freshener.They also have the ability to download smell samples.
You can maintain a healthy weight with HP fitness.In addition, it contains a bracelet that records a person's exercise skills.You can measure your weight with HP Fitness.
Dell's Froot is also another great concept design with projectors and laser sensors on each side.Because of this concept, devices like monitors and keyboards are eliminated.It prioritizes the use of projectors for monitoring and also the use of laser sensors for keyboards.
Flash on any plane has countless uses.
This design can change the development trend of desktop computers.Bento Pad is also another futuristic design.It is displayed using a different touch screen instead of a keyboard, mouse and monitor.
You can also remove these monitors, which can be used separately as a tablet. It has a Bluetooth wireless keyboard that can be used as a keyboard.It features a rubber gasket that provides enough grip.
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