ultrasonic measuring tape - digital measuring tape

by:UMeasure     2019-09-12
ultrasonic measuring tape  -  digital measuring tape
In this manual I will show you how to make an ultrasonic tape measure using very few components (such as 16x2 LCD, HC SR04 ultrasonic sensor and Arduino Uno.
This should not replace precise measuring tools. It's just a fun arduino project that you can easily make at home or at your local makerspace.
Connect the LCD as shown in the figure: connect the trigger pin of the ultrasonic sensor to pin 6 on the arduino, the echo pin to digital pin 7, and the vcc to 5 V or even 3 v. 3 volts.
Then, if you connect the grd pin to any ground pin on the arduino, or to the ground track on the breadboard.
Download the newping Library: drag the folder to the libraries folder by going to: Documents--> Arduino --> And the library.
After changing the name to "Newping", upload this code to the arduino board: you have completed this description!
Please vote for this in the contest it subscribes to and give some ideas on some guidance I can do.
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