uk police had to resort to ‘military-grade’ technology to stop those airport drones - hand held laser meter

by:UMeasure     2020-01-22
uk police had to resort to ‘military-grade’ technology to stop those airport drones  -  hand held laser meter
Well, you have to know that this kind of thing is going to happen.
Second time in the UK
The busiest airport has been forced to close in recent days as rogue operators are driving drones too close to the airport --
This, in turn, forced hundreds of flights to be canceled, leaving more than 100,000 vacationers stranded at Gatwick airport in southern London and having to take extreme measures to eliminate the drone threat. How extreme?
Officials are not very specific (
The reason is obvious.
But it turns out that the solution to the eventual reopening of Gatwick includes the deployment of "military-
Technical grade.
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According to the British Independent, the only runway at Gatwick airport reopened on Friday morning, "it is reported that a series of protection and surveillance measures have been taken to prevent further confusion.
Police have also arrested a number of people, but confusion over the series of strange incidents has multiplied over the weekend as British media reported that the arrested person had been released and Sussex police were building a houseto-
Previously found the location of the drone near the house to ask.
Meanwhile, The Independent interviewed a former British Army logistics officer who browsed some of the technologies that could be used to stop drones and get Gatwick Airport back to normal operation.
Those "military-
Technical grade (
In terms of newspapers)
Radar and signal interference may be included, although the newspaper also speculated that people who control these drones may not use radio. Longer-
This paper points out that laser technology is a solution.
In fact, earlier this year, The Independent reported that Chinese researchers have been testing a handheld laser device that can hit targets from half a mile away when launched
Similarly, the US military is working on laser technology that can shoot down drones.
The story of Gatwick is so newsworthy because, relatively speaking, it's an unsophisticated attack.
We use the word "attack" because there are indications that this is intentional.
According to CNN, Sussex Police Chief Justin Bertenshaw told the British Press Association, "the drone disappears every time we believe we're near the operator.
When we wanted to re-open the airport, the drone showed up again.
So, it's obviously purposeful.
It is reported that this is also the first time airports anywhere in the world have been forced to temporarily stop operations because the drone flight is too close.
But there are still some people driving drones.
Imagine what kind of damage a sophisticated hacker would do if he tried to do the same thing, and how many things could stop.
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